7 Habits of Highly Effective Players

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Players

Stephen Covey wrote several books on the concept of with only 7 habits you could change your entire life paradigm and become a more productive person. Be it a highly effective teen, parent, student or teacher he had a book for each one. Although he didn’t have a book for gamers. I don’t have the time to write out the entire book BUT I can at least provide you with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Players! With only 7 short habits you can change your perspective of the game and have a more enjoyable experience for not only you but your friends around the table as well!

Habit 1: Why are we here?

In habit 1 we need to assess and address why you came to the game in the first place. What made you call up your friends and say “Hey, I want to play some Dungeons and Dragons!”. Its important to understand why you have come to the table. Be it to hang out with friends, play the game or you were forced to you need to make sure that you and everyone else at the table are on the same page. If you are there to play the game but one of the other players is here simply for the food, it ends up with lack of party cohesion and honestly a dysfunctional party. Everyone at the table needs to understand why they are here and make sure that everyone is here for the same core reasons.

Habit 2: This is a shared world!

Im sorry to tell you but your not the hero of the story. You and your friends are the HEROES of the story, as a group not as an individual. You share the world created by the DM with your friends (party) and you need to always keep in mind that this game is about more then just you. This is a shared world and you can not be the king of the playground. Remember this always and you will find yourself enjoying the shared experience rather then the single player mode of the game.

Habit 3: Think outside the box.

DMs are crafty clever people and they absolutely love when the players find a unusual answer to there problems. Be it a puzzle or a unkillable monster thinking outside the realm of possible is by far one of the best habits to get into as a player. Your at the table with several other players and if you dont have a good idea, listen to theirs and expand upon it. Trust me, the best games are the ones that go wrong for the DM.

Habit 4: Play to Win isn’t always Play for Fun.

Winning is great and all but it is awful to lose your sense of fun for the goal of winning. Gaming is fun, simple as that. The moment that anyone sacrifices the possible fun aspects for the chance to win loses the point of why they are playing (See Habit 1). Play for fun and understand that it is a GAME. It is meant to be fun and the moment it isn’t, means you shouldn’t be playing anymore.

Habit 5: Respect the Dungeon Master.

Your DM works very hard to make a campaign for you and your friends to play in. Hours of work go into each segment and they spend more time prepping the game then you do playing it. I personally find that every 2 hours I put in goes for about 30 minutes

Habit 6: Atmosphere is Everything.

The other players enjoy immersion into the fantasy realm of choice. Keep in mind what you say and try to maintain atmosphere as much as possible. It will make the DM feel good, the other players feel good and in result you will enjoy the game a lot more. Keeping distractions to a minimum is vital to the success of a games atmosphere and acting in character can even add to it!

Habit 7: Embrace your Character!

Your character is a extension of self. Depending on what you feel you want to be in this world. This reflection represents a inner self that you have decided to share with the world (Theoretically of course). Do a voice, dress up, monologue! If your character would do it then do it because that’s what makes a good player. Embrace your character as a part of you


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