Aboard The Airship Launch



Launching the Ship

The wind is strong and we are ready to sail. We have stocked our ship and are prepped for the journey ahead. These are treacherous waters we are headed towards and the sky isn’t look much better. Clouds are covering the ever darkening sky as fandom rise and fall. The trolls, haters and ever declining honest reviews in the world have sparked this voyage. We are aboard Lucus, My trusty air ship that has felt many a storm, and are onward towards truth. We invite you to join us on our journey, join us as we explore, pillage, and conquer game after game. We wont stop there, keeping you up to date with the Gaming Community and bringing you on board.

Our telegraph is ready and our radios tuned to the proper channels. We are ready to launch this adventure into the golden age. This is merely the first of a long stream of blogging, tweeting, podcasting and youtubeing mayhem brought to you by the crew of Lucus, The finest airship in the land. We are pirates, and we sail wherever the winds take us and wherever we make port.

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