Captain and Crew

Aboard The AirshipWelcome!

Let me start by welcoming you aboard friend! The fact that you bothered to click the about us long proves that you are at least curious as to who we are and trust me it is a we! So for starters let me explain what Aboard The Airship (Or ATA as you will come to learn) is. Simply put it is a dream. I have been a admirer of journalism for years and after branching into the gaming hobbies I was captivated by podcasters and bloggers from around the world. I could see my self not only doing the same but ENJOYING it. In the end that is all it is about. Enjoying ones work. So I hooked up my microphone one day and BAM! ATA was born.

Now the question is who am I? I am the Captain of this project. Creator and founder of ATA armed with a silly dream, a flight of fancy if you will, I “sailed forth” as I said in episode 1 of the podcast. I am an observer of the world. Long time gamer and a DM of around 9ish years I have a very strong view of what gaming is. Armed with my opinion you will see monologues, reviews, rants and the inevitable escapades as I adventure through the world! I have grown a lot since starting this voyage, no longer in search of “what gaming is” but more of on a quest to clear the confusion from the waters. Bah, but enough about me. Who is this We I keep referring to?

Well when I say “We” I mean it in several instances. The most prominent of which is you! The reader of this page. We refers first and foremost to all of those loyal followers who have heard the calling and are flying under my colors. Who are with this project through the hard times and the good times and are with it to see it grow! Second is the members of my Crew which is select individuals who assist me in my endeavors. Be it online or in the real world my crew mates help make this project happen. In some cases it is as simple as playing a board game with me and filling out one of my many review sheets. To be Crew is to be a part of this project in a very direct way.

So that is the summary of who I am and what we do. If you are interested please, I invite you to stick around! Check out the landscape abit and maybe you will find a place here with us on ATA! Who knows, Tweet at me enough and you may find yourself on the podcast that started it all! :3

Till next time friends! Cheers!

-HowlPhilinish, Captain of Ludus.

The Crew

A Captain is nothing without his crew, please welcome all the awesome people who make this site happen!


I am a long-time gamer, it’s in my blood and my thoughts. I tend to be focused on the story and the experience and as such, I pick elements from anywhere, such as games and movies to real life, and evaluate them through the lens of a designer curious on how it can be integrated into a roleplaying environment. I got my start in gaming back in junior high, beginning with a session with my older brother and his friends before finding people my own age to play with. One of the most appealing things about gaming to me is the ability to do things you might not be able to do in real life, but still can get the same feelings. Play a horror board game or video game and you’ll have your heart racing as you get into it, play an adventure game and you experience the joy of discovering something unknown.

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Twitter: @Drraagh