Another Mad Plan

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Another Mad Plan

So I do these upon occasion to try and…. Create a sense of whats going on in ATA. I try my best to follow through in most things but some of my mad ideas just aren’t meant to be. That being said the things that work stay and.. Well you can see with my one post a week what works. So here are a few of the changes that are going to be coming.

First a Foremost I am bringing my reviews back. I said this awhile back but for the most part you have seen no evidence that its true. That is because I have been masterminding a list of how to do rotations for Books, Movies, Video Games AND Board Games. I try my damnedest to be different and not give you another run of the mill gaming site.  This is part of why the Tuesday Reviews died for awhile is I realized I am typing less review and more… copy cat I guess? I never copied anyone, let that be known, but my reviews seemed to close to all the others. So those are being reformatted. New Content begets new format!

Second on my list of changes is KickStart Thursday will be returning. Now how is this a change? Well I cant tell you yet. You will just have to wait and see what happens in the over arching picture. I learned very quickly that some people do not care about kickstarters but for the people who run the kickstart my posts were very exciting. It is upon careful consideration that these posts resume!

Last on my list is the Podcast that started it all. We will be changing the schedule for this reboot to every other week along with extending the run time. ATA’s podcast is getting a Rebranding AND an extension! YAY!! Now there is much much more I will be adding but eh, who likes spoilers?

So there is your update for Something Sunday! Which is also returning with alittle more… Unique topics every sunday! >:3 See you on Tuesday!!!