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Battle Pugs!

Welcome to Something Sunday where I create and share something every Sunday! This is brand new and is the shining beacon to end my long silence! With this I have a post going out EVERY DAY! New content, new posts and new ramblings to enjoy and listen to!

Among many upon many things I have been working my magic on our YOUTUBE branch will be launching soon. Exact dates have not been set but we are recording. I do not have a video to go live every day as of yet but slots are filling fast for Video Games, Board Games, Cartography and MORE coming to you from ATA!

Lets be honest though, that is not what drew you to this post, you are here to see what I have been raving and praising the idea of Battle Pugs. Who would not want to play in a fantasy world that had the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans and well anthropomorphic Pugs! So I bring to you my write up creations to make Pugs available as a playable race in Dungeons and Dragons Game systems!

Keep in mind I have never made custom races before (Not for publishing at least) so bear with me.

Now if you are like me you value the history of the races you play. So here I present the history of the Pugars:


Bred and enslaved for years as pets the Pugars rose up against their masters and hid in the mountains where they were sheltered by the Dwarves. The Pugars do not know who the original masters were but the great tales of Potty’s, the leader of the Pug Rebellion, valiant efforts to free her brethren are told to generation after generation. They lived in the mountains assisting the dwarves for years and years where they learned to craft weapons and make armor. After a time they traveled back to the surface where they guard their dwarven friends caves from intruders.


The Pugars are a stubborn race. Most of this comes from their want to impress the other races of the world. They know their history of enslavement as “pets” and want to show that they are equals to the other sentient races of the realm. In reality Pugars are a cheerful fun loving race that love to play games. Although they hide this fact from the other races it shows in combat as the Pugars start to enjoy the fight, seeing it as a game itself. They spend alot of their time when not exploring or playing sleeping and eating. They have been known to take 6 hour naps at a time, finding somewhere flat to lay upon.


The Pugars are Anthropomorphic Pugs that live on the surface of Dwarven Mountains. They are usually around 2 feet to 3 feet tall and have varying coloration of pelts depending on family origins. They are bipedal although they are capable of walking on all fours as their ancestors once did. Crafting their own armor and weapons they have a very unique style to themselves. They have human like hair on the tops of their heads of varying colors and textures along with claws on their paws. They have curly tails and their own language which is a series of barks, snorts and sneezes.


Pugarian, Dwarvish and Common Naturally.


A unified religion is not known about the Pugars. Most Pugars go without a Diety but it is not unheard of for Pugars to follow another races religion.


Majority of them are Good Dogs. (Good aligned creatures)

Other Races:

They enjoy the company of Dwarves but have limited interactions with the other races of the world. Depending on how a Pugar’s first encounter goes will determine whether they will ever trust that race again.


The Pugar attempt to keep the names of the elders which include but are not limited to: Spot, Scruffy, Mr. Bow Wow, Wuggles and of course the great Snugglewufflington.

Rule Information:


+2 Con, +2 Str, -4 Wis

Speed 20

Size: Small

Low Light vision

Run: They can get on all 4 legs and run at x2 their normal walking speed. This is a Partial Action to get on all 4s.

Scent: You can smell different levels of scent and gain a +5 to Survival Checks related to tracking.

Racial Skills: Spot, Search, Listen, Survival and Appraise.

Adorable Pug Nature: They get +5 circumstance bonus on Charisma based skills.

Grumpy:  If they are below maximum hit points the Pugar becomes grumpy and loses the +5 Circumstance bonus from Adorable Pug Nature.

Natural Weapons: 1d4 Claws and 1d6 Bite attacks.


+2 Con, +2 Str

Speed 20

Size: Small

Low Light Vision

On All Fours: Running on all four legs gives a x2 movement speed, this can be used as a bonus action.

Scent: You can smell scents an follow them easily.

Adorable Pug Nature: Advantage on all Charisma based skills when used against Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halfings, Gnomes and Tieflings.

Grumpy: If a Pug is below maximum hit points they become grumpy. In this state they get +1 to all attack and damage rolls against enemys and disadvantage on all Charisma Based Skills.

Natural Weapons: Their claws do 1d4 +str each and they have a bite attack of 1d6+str. They are always considered proficient with these attacks.


Now I know I said I would do a second edition conversion and I WILL! I just felt that needed alittle more… umph. Rather than being tagged onto this post. I shall be putting that into a bonus post slot publishing on Friday rather than today!

Something to check out for more Doggy Goodness is a game I learned about in my research for this: Pugmire. Go Look and enjoy! Be a good dog!

Till next time! And may Potty guard you!

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Till next time!


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