Battlefront 2: Loot Crates are here to stay


It has been brought to my attention that the members of Reddit have taken arms against the new release of Battlefront 2 due to the Loot Crate system. So I decided lets go ahead and talk about Loot Crates, where they are going and exactly what everyone is pissed off about.

So at this point in gaming culture if you are an avid enthusiast I am sure you have encountered Loot Crates somewhere along the way. Battlefield, Call of Duty, Overwatch and even League of legends all have a system implemented in which you can get additional items through the purchasing of these boxes. Now of course we can earn these items in game without paying any money but the grind is real. The question that has hit the table and will continue to hit the table for years to come: “Are Loot Crates good for the gaming community”.

Seriously? I paid 80$ to have Vader locked? from StarWarsBattlefront

Now the idea of a “micro-transaction” has been floating around in gaming terminology for quite awhile. Many games have tried to implement a system that you pay a small charge and then gain a small benefit. Overwatch has a different approach saying they will only allow cosmetic items in their loot crates, but Battlefront 2 is not following that same line. You can pay money in the game to gain a advantage. This is the definition of Pay to Win gaming (or P2W as alot tend to say).

Now EA got in front of the matter and responded to consumer concerns as follows:

Now I applaud their intention here and honestly that should have been the end of it. The internet community on the other hand thinks otherwise as this exploded into a massive mess for EA, (A Public Relations Chernobyl as one outlet commented). This mess has continued to expand over the course of 3 days and the reddit post shown above is the most down voted post in all of reddit’s history.

Now a lot of users on the internet are feeling betrayed by EA and I can completely understand that. Instead of handling it in a productive way (organizing or boycotting the game) they instead have taken to arms and decided to threaten the developers of the game directly. Death Threats have plagued the developer’s social media. I mean really? That is not a good way to handle things.

Following this explosion of opinions a lot of facts have been warped to try and make EA out to look worse then they really are. For example the accusation that they removed their refund button on the site. Here is the issue, there never was a refund button on their website. Before or after release doesn’t matter, it never existed. You can not remove something that doesn’t exist. Along with this rumors that this was a marketing trick all along border on the line of corporate conspiracy. I do not think EA would EVER wish this kinda of drama upon themselves.

That being said I went around and asked a lot of people who are a lot more proficient in the world of video games then I. Zork65 pointed out “Is it really bad they are trying to create a sense of accomplishment. ” Can you really blame them for trying to make us work for the reward then just letting us be handed it? That being said the micro-transaction to win ruins the feeling of accomplishment entirely but still the attempt was at least worth while. Smunchy from Smunchy Games had a really interesting thought saying: “I often think most gamers forget how much money it takes to make video games. Not to mention time and people. …. granted that doesn’t mean companies should go for the cash juggular…. but I think there definitely needs to be a middle ground”

It is a very long and laborious task to create a game, especially one with the graphics that Battlefront 2 has. The money has to come from somewhere. That simple fact is why I think that no matter how much threatening and whining the gaming community does EA cant change their business model. I have to agree with a majority of the game reviewers when I say that if you don’t like it, just don’t buy the game.

Those looking for a refund can find it quickly. Be it through EA, Xbox or even Gamestop just talk to them and you will get a majority of your money back. Not all of it, but that is the price of preorders. That being said I believe Loot Crates are here to stay, lets just hope that as a community we can band together enough to make sure they are regulated in their reign.