Beep Boop Bot – The Adventure of a Small Flying Roomba

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Beep Boop Bot is a shooter game created by Psycho Robot Studios. It is the story of Beep Boop Bot, A small flying disk like robot, that has to take on the space station. The AI that was created was one of the best but when the people tried to move it, the AI had other plans. They release Beep Boop Bot into the space station as one of the last remote controlled droids left. You, The player, control Beep Boop Bot and have to fight off wave after wave of your fellow androids.

The tutorial page is more confusing than anything else and I can only imagine what a novice gamer would think when looking at it. It gets the point across for reviewers and other various press that are familiar with games like this but the menu has got to change if you want to appeal to the masses as a whole. The controls are simple. WASD control your movement while the mouse controls aim and fire. The right mouse button controls your special weapons meanwhile your left mouse controls your laser. The controls are fluid and move as expected in all cases except the mouse. The aim of the laser and where the mouse is pointing seem to bee off by half an inch in some places, then on other sides of the disk it is on target. I believe this is caused by the angle of which they set the camera. This causes a lot of missing and other minor issues when playing the game. The other concerns that this game poses are the sound effects. I feel that the “repair” sound should have its volume lowered as every time it goes off its not only annoying but very loud.  There is also no sound when destroying the small doorways int he game and every droid has the same sound when it dies. The shields have a similar bad reaction to me as the repair sound as it is quick and very abrupt. When your bot dies, it has a small crash sound but again it doesn’t seem to fit the situation well.  One of the things I value most in a game is the environment presented and un-coordinated sound effects causes me to lose the immersion effect that I seek in games.

The environment presented upon the intro is a space station on fire and a small dialogue between the people in it. Once in the game itself the ambient music is what would be expected from a space age game. A techno synth layered over a repeating theme. With a steady beat it is easy to “get into” the music and play the game at the same pace of it. Giving the player a second chance at immersion into the game. The first floor that you encounter seems to be a hanger bay where you fight flying saw disks, small wheel shaped bots and a flying hazard bot with a drill. They come at you from all angles spawning from a “door” of some sort. You can attack the doors but the small fire animation leaves you with a very unsatisfying feeling. By the time you kill a second door the one that you “destroyed” has already been repaired and is popping out more robots of death and doom. It makes me ask ‘why put a destroy mechanic in there in the first place?’ and again leaves me even more unsatisfied with a feeling as if I am not making any progress or impact into the game.There is also no way for me to tell when the boss is going to spawn. The assumption I have made after multiple play-throughs is that it is related to the number of bots killed rather than doors exploded. The boss itself has almost no determinable hit box rather than its health bar slowly depleting. Upon its destruction it again leaves with a very unsavory taste as it switches to quickly to the cut scene for you to savor your victory at all.

There are various drops that you can pick up to aid you in your mass murder of kin. The Flame thrower spits out a steady stream of fire and seems to interact with the hit boxes easier than your laser would.  There are multiple instances in which the laser should have hit but didn’t simple because it wasn’t aimed at the right spot on the robot. There are other pick ups like the “Plasma stream” Which shoots a super fast stream of blue energy at the target. Of course, no shooter would be complete without a rocket launcher involved but the rocket launcher doesn’t seem to be able to hit the bosses. On all three levels the rocket launcher went through the boss instead of impacting it. This is not enjoyable at all sense one of my personal favorite solutions to bosses is a rocket to the face.

Also, When a opponent hits BBB all I know that tells me I’m hit is a small ding sound. If there were a physical degradation system in place or even a more noticeable health decline from the health bar I would have a better idea of when I’m going to die. Also, a system to regain lives would be very much appreciated.

The terrain itself on the first level has almost no point to it being there other than eye candy. It can stop some of the robots from charging but considering you can activate the boss by not moving much it doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Double so when the boss appears and its not like its going to hit you, you just float to the left and it misses. So there is no valuable point to the terrain in the first level of Beep Boop Bot.

While we are there lets talk about the Boss itself. The opening cinematic for it shows it swaying side to side and once again makes a sound which I feel has its volume way to high. It lasts 5 seconds but that’s 5 seconds of watching a random turret just turn. I feel like there is a lot more you could do to instill the “fear the boss” effect in the player rather than just making them watching a animation of a turret swaying. There is so much more of an opportunity there for the turret to be an actually imposing being. Not exactly hard to kill but does instill the idea of “Boss” into the player.

The second floor presented a whole new box of issues but also seemed to fix some of the ones from above. You rewarded the players for there combat and gave them the double gun, this makes a big impact on play value and hit box recognition. The next level is obviously the trash room where they break down the old metal and make it into cubes. But these robot arms that are scattered around are almost impossible to hit unless you are really focusing on them, my first few play through I couldn’t seem to destroy them even with me focusing. Now, The boss cinematic for the “Saw” robot was a lot better, it moved fluidly and amide me think, OK I’ve got to dodge these blades while I try to kill it. Which is good, it presented me a challenge but my hit box issue reoccurs again I cant tell when I’m hitting the blades or not. If there was a way to make it more obvious when I’m hitting a boss it would be amazing and if there was an actual physical difference instead of just the red bar declining it would make me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. Now when the boss is actually defeated there is a great sense of accomplishment as you get to watch it fall apart. You then get to have a choice on the next up grade. During the video play through I chose the knock back chip but honestly neither of them seems useful in the slightest to completing the third floor.

On the third floor you introduce a monster that moves really fast. So fast in fact that even just moving out of the way is to slow. Without a speed boost its extremely difficult for me to dodge these creatures. There are also added terrains that are not explained and cause a reasonable amount of damage when tampered with. The player is easily mobbed and surviving through level 3 is a very difficult challenge for the casual gamer. I wish that the Lives would reduce down to 0 and let me know hey, if I die with one life I don’t get another shot like other games do.

In the end I enjoyed it as a one time play, it does not hold any replay value for me at all and doesn’t give me the immersion effect that I so desire. It isn’t a bad game but it isn’t a good game either. Remembering that it is in its Alpha stage brings hope to it and I will be watching it for the near future.

One more note for the Beep Boop Bot dev team. In the very last section where you advertise how to Steam Greenlight it. Look at that sentence carefully.

This has been a review over Beep Boop Bot, I hope you enjoyed bother my pros and my cons of the game and give the team at Psycho Robot Studio more of what you think about there game!

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