Blog Highlight: Jack Monkey Games!

Crew Kickstart


Although Friday will be the new day to showcase kick starters there is one that I felt did not get the love it deserved. This week we are looking at it simply because it refused to go down and is now its own printed reality! I want to introduce a friend of mine, Kevin Mason, or more specifically his blog, His dream of having a way to branch roleplaying and make it easier and more understandable to everyone has come into its own manifestation: Role Vs. Roll which is now available for purchase on his site. I ask everyone to come and take a look at what he created!

Considering this is not a full fledged Kickstart post there is a lack of normal formatting I can give it. So instead I leave you with a chance to come and explore all the great things that Kevin has said on his blog, youtube channel and through his game! Give him a view and come check out his crazy world, and dont worry the monkey probably bites.

Till next week friends when we return to doing Friday content and more importantly an update on where the Podcast is.