Buff Babies? Why PCs are superior

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Buff Babies

In D&D they are called feats but in other systems they have been called Traits, Advantages or even Perks! That is right, we are talking about those things that make your Character superior to the average peasant.


So with that little one liner I welcome you back to the Character Building series. Today we are going to discuss Feats. The one thing that separates a player character from just any average peasant. I was playing savage world the other day and XPisoverrated (The DM that day, great DM by the way. You can find him on twitter @XPISOVERRATED) and I heard him say “Because you are PCs you have 3 wounds”. This sentence made me think ‘Does that mean non PCs are different?’. I would call the Red-shirt effect front and center because YES! PCs are different than your average civilian.

I would say this is mostly an effect of Feats. Special advantages that help players get out of many situations. From a magic user’s Silent Spell feat to a Fighter’s Diehard feats continue to put players above average. Which is the purpose of the hero! What kind of fun would it be if PCs died to easily? If they were just like everyone else? Feats make the PC special, because everyone wants to be special right? “You were born with a great destiny to uphold!” That sentence makes me think that maybe Feats are acquired at birth! Just imagine a baby with Monkey Grip*, terrifying right? More strength than any human normally would have.

Now these feats, when selected, make your character different. I must ask that you reflect to the past articles and history of the character so far. Feats should influence the character through his/her life because he/she IS special. Born with the destiny to adventure whether they knew it or not. If this was not true then they wouldn’t be good Characters would they? So I implore you to select feats based on backstory rather than advantage. Would you character have it and why? Why would they want to train in that? Improve the already present skill to the point where then can shoot a bow 900 feet away accurately?

Now I know a few players (you know who you are ;3) who care alittle to much about the system. They would disagree with me saying that feats are not story but rather stat based! “The rules wont allow you to do that” is something I have heard once to many times. I respectfully disagree. Story applies to EVERYTHING. Story IS the rules. Simple as that. Feats are what make the character a character. Simple as that. Consider this next time you choose your feats.

Till next week! Cheers!


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