Captain on Deck!

Captains Update

“Attention All Crew”

The sound blared over the speakers throughout the entire ship. “First and foremost welcome to the ship. Just a few announcements in relation to our resupply run. We will remain docked in our home port for roughly 2 more weeks. Everything needs to be ship shape before take off as to have no interruptions… Also I wish to formally introduce Draagh, our local investigator who will be looking into all of you for me shortly. Don’t want any mutiny on board so if your plotting such things, better you be off before you kiss the kheel.” The speaker went silent as you can hear Howl laughing lightly off microphone.

With a light squeal the mic resumed, “A notice to all crew and guests on board that this is a combat vessel and those light of heart should disembark before we depart. It is quite a drop if you were to try later but no concern, parachutes shall be handed out in such cases but I can not speak for the quality of such things. We are currently on schedule even with the slight disruption of some traitors jumping ship.” The sound of a dagger hitting wood can be heard as the mic is readjusted.

“Finally the official schedule of events has been posted in all crew and guest hallways. Please refer to those for any questions or concerns as to the operation of my ship. All complaints may speak to the complaint department… Just see yourself off the edge and have a pleasant flight. ” The Captains laugh can be heard echoing through the ship at the not so funny joke.

“That is all for now my friends…” The speakers go silent and there is an moment of pause before everyone resume’s their duties.