Captains Log Day 1

Captains Log Crew

Captains Log,

I pondered and pondered how to make these posts relevant to the gaming world at large, but I have found a solution. Everyday I find games everywhere and as I tend to play whatever game I can find this makes it very convenient to blog. Last year I had made a decision to not do “Game Reviews” in the traditional sense, not in the written form anyway. There has been some talks behind the scenes of having game reviews return in a video format, but nothing concrete has come of it as of yet. So that being said, my “Post a Day” will include what game I found/enjoyed that day. In other words, instead of just a 365 day posting challenge how about 365 day gaming challenge. Where I have to find at least one game/game topic a day to discuss! Doesn’t that just sound fun?

That being said I have spent a majority of today playing one of the new games given to me by Xbox Live Gold. The game is called “The Cave” and has completely captivated my attention. This game combines a dark story with some rather funny humor. Aside from the fact that the cave is sentient there are 7 different stories that one can undertake. 7 different ways to play this puzzle platformer. Now for my spelunking journey I chose the Time Traveler, The Twins and The Adventurer!

I was happily surprised with the way the game slips in slight and subtle references to pop culture. It is so well executed that even though there is so much packed in it isnt too much. That being said I HIGHLY recommend looking into purchasing it, I know I will for my Steam Collection. I may even do a give away in the future for this gem of an arcade game!

On another note today was the relaunch of the core ATA project! You can find the details to our upcoming releases HERE. That is all for my first Captains Log of the year, with that I wish you all a Happy Year and may you stay true to your Resolutions!! :3

Happy New Years everyone!!