Captains Log Day 2


Captains Log,

I have two great occurrences to tell you of today. First of which happening this morning where my Xbox Live party chat was raided by a bunch of the dnders who friended me. Well, two dnders invited 18 of there friends into my party chat (teach me to leave it on non invite only). They “raided” my chat and I had around 18 of these 9-12 year olds yelling my a chat room. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time, I cant help but feel this is what kindergarten teachers deal with on a daily basis.. although there is an obvious age difference. I tell you all this to say that this is the first time I have ever had this happen. I congratulated the mastermind behind this plot at successfully plotting and executing a “flash mob” of sorts but I have to remain amazed that they organized it that well.

These raids I have seen in many places such as Twitch, Beam, Youtube and even Facebook. This is a common occurrence to some but I honestly have to wonder how often people are mobbed by a band of pre teens all shouting on microphones. Maybe I should not be as amazed as I am but the unexpectedness of the event paired with their age range just makes me chuckle. If these kids can organize that well I honestly think there are some amazing future leaders in that group.

Also, dont forget to check out todays post of the Khajiiti Traveler! It has some interesting “Easter Eggs” hidden in the image, can you find them?



Later Note: I drafted this out after the event and did some digging. Apparently the leader of this band has been running DND…. Seems I was right about there being leaders in the group.