Captains Log Day 3

Captains Log Crew

Captains Log,

Recently I have been doing a very heavy push into achievement hunting on the Xbox One. I have this never ending hunger to complete this achievements on various games. This is driven me to return to old games and I have to wonder if that is their intention. I have found myself playing a lot of games that I had forgotten about simply to capture and finish these pesky little achievements. I love the idea behind them and they make me think about how I might be able to cross these into a DND or RPG setting on the Table Top.

I remember when I was younger and played int he DND encounters program. They had something similar, I believe now it is referred to as “boons”, but they cycled out every season of encounters. I still have some of my old “achievement” cards from back then even, which makes me super happy to collect. I was wondering if anyone else had these kinds of thoughts. Feel free to comment on here what you think on this cross platform thinking.

On that note, check out today’s discussion from our own Private I (eye?) Draagh! He has the most curious thoughts about NES crossing onto the tabletop world.. Here it is for ya!

I suppose that is all for now.. 3 day streak, not bad for this pirate if I do say so myself. Till tomorrow!