Captains Log Day 5

Captains Log Crew

Captains Log,

As you can see I an abit late at posting my log today. I have been busy all day planning and plotting an adventure to run tomorrow (or I guess today from this view point). As any DM knows it takes lots of prep to home write a campaign, and fact is I did it in 2 days. Final details were finished around 10 minutes ago, I was going through my to do list making sure I did not miss anything and.. Well, I almost forgot about my log!

So two things to tell you about today, one is today’s post. After careful considerations the Encountering Wednesday program will continue!! Which makes me, and the players that play in the game, very excited. Acouple changes will be made though, the most important being that they will be extended and fluffed out to be more detailed narratives. The format is in for a complete reworking, as will be shown in episode 11, and hopefully I can reach a broader fan base with this.

The second thing is my inspiration behind the campaign. This campaign was inspired by the idea of a simple quest, simple goal. So many things seem so over done recently that I felt the need to return back to my gaming roots. Back to the simple times when dragons were slain, gold was claimed and cities were protected. It seems so many people now adays are pushing for that shock and awe campaign that just blows peoples minds. I am hoping this will give my players a break when it comes to that over injection of non stop action.

I shall be back tomorrow to tell you how it went, putting up my log promptly after the game.

Till then,