Captains Log Day 7

Captains Log Crew

Captains Log,

Looks like all of the posts went out as intended. Saturday, being the only slot not filled, will have content next week but I did not have enough time to scrap together something to put up today. The problem has been fixed. In other news I made two purchases in the way of games today. I have bought a copy, after much hesitation, of Diablo 3. I also decided to get something that has been on my by list of awhile, 7 Days to Die.

Although my delves into either of these two new treasures has barely begun I look forward to the hours of entertainment and exploration to be gained. I am sure that in this log I will be telling you in much greater detail the wealth found in these stories.

On another note I have finally gotten accustomed to writing this little blurbs. I find it a good way to empty my thoughts into a space where people can read and interact with me. Considering most of my thoughts are game related this fits perfectly with my project. Tomorrow will be the official first week where everything has gone as planned. Something I have not had the luxury of saying for quite some time.

I look forward to next week and the bounty of gaming that is sure to come.