Captains Log Day 8

Captains Log Crew

Captains Log,

I have very much been enjoying 7 Days to Die. Although it is obviously designed for PC I do have to admit that it has ported over very well. I have always enjoyed survival based game, last one I invested into was of course ARK: Survival Evolved but the same obsession with it started even in Minecraft. The idea of building yourself from the ground up with all odds stacked against you is just brilliant to me. Absolutely Brilliant. I have been for some time trying to find a way for it to easily port over to the table top setting. The idea for the struggle of survival is just harder to capture in a story line base.

On another note it has inspired many a Twine Story for survival in a zombie apocalypses. I am super excited about the next step in ATA’s project as learning Twine has been a blast. I am super excited to extend a level of story telling that not to many people are still doing. I can not wait to share many a tell with my audience.

Tomorrow I finish up the first narrative but for now, I sleep.