Captains Log Day 9


Captains Log,

Lets talk about Vermatide shall we? A fight against the ongoing hordes of rats in a small fantasy village!  Although the game is great I have to say it feels very much like a L4D skin. Down to the “ninja” rats pinning me to the ground and stabbing me repetitively. Although the game has many a gem that L4D doesnt the way it plays is very much the same way. You fight and fight against never ending hordes of rats all the while working towards reaching the end of the path.

All of this started because I saw a friend of mine, Zork 65, playing it and decided to hop on. I owned the game but never really played it as I felt it was a game best played with pals. Now I dont by any means hate the game, but it feel eerily similar to one of my favorite from awhile ago. I would love to hear what anyone else thinks about this game, if you would be so kind as to leave a comment describing your feelings/interactions with the game I would be elated.