Captains Update

Captains Log Crew

Captains Update

Sometimes you fail, at which point I just stand back up.

So not everything played out as intended. My daily blog did not continue daily, podcast launch ended up with a  server crash and hours of work being corrupted (I lost 6 interviews!?!!!??) and well YouTube never got launched… I have fallen face flat on the pavement but its not over yet. I still have a chance to make this what I know it could be. Some things did play out, for example I officially learned how to use Twine. This means that I can publish the Twine stories I have been working in only a matter of time. Both Draagh and the BookKeeper kept at the helm and continued to publish even in my silence, Loyalty that I will have rewarded in no time.

So I have returned from my silence with yet another great plan and this time, I can only hope for the best! Come and see me again Sunday with a brand new schedule of content! Hopefully we wont have another false start but hey, things happen!

Till then! Happy Gaming!!