Challenge from the Helm

Captains Update Crew

“Attention all Crew, This is your Captain speaking.

Everyday we learn skills from our activities. This is not limited only to the “real” world but also includes the realms of gaming. Guild Leaders are amazing people and to be able to rally 50ish players under a single banner in a world where the options are limitless is a real skill. There are many strong skills that are learned from games as a whole. So I challenge each and every one of you. Crew and Officers included. Find your skill that shines in the gaming world and make it part of your real life.

Then, share you story with me. I want to know what skill you picked up and use actively in your everyday life that came from a Video Game, or maybe even a board game? What is your talent?

Think about it.”

The intercom goes quite as the Captains voice resonates through the halls of the ship.