Day 1: Chemistry of a Perfect Game


Chemistry of a Perfect Game

The perfect game is made up of one part creativity, one part understanding and one part teaching. Or is it? Is there a recipe for a perfect game? I think that there is not one cure all answer to this. I believe that a perfect game is only achievable through the interpretations of each player and DM.

Take the DM for example. The DM has a goal to share the world they have created. To make those hours upon hours of preparation worth while. When the players enjoy the adventure, the campaign or even just the world at large it gives most DMs the greatest satisfaction available . The Perfect game for a DM is one where the players have fun. Where the players followed the quest, killed the monster and looted the dungeons. The issue is what they players think is fun is always shifting. Some players may enjoy the hack and slash dungeon crawl that is present in most video games while others prefer a more immersive environment. Puzzles and communication with the NPC’s may be vital to the enjoyment of the game for a Player. There may also be a middle ground between these two and other factors scattered around. Humor may be as important as the XP while the story is just as valuable as the treasure. The only thing that is universal in all Players as well as DMs is the love for the game itself.

I can not speak for all Dungeon Masters out there but I can give my experience and my opinion of what is the best game. What is the perfect adventure. The answer for me is the adventure where I get to take something away. The story where I got to immerse myself into the mind and world presented to me, and not leaving without a few life lessons or at the very least a story to tell. There was a post on Twitter sent out that asked the world “What is your favorite Critical story”. If you really think about it, it wasn’t the Critical that made it  amazing but the what if idea that followed it. That story of how you ripped an orc in half or convinced a dragon that you were its child is the kind of story you will retell to your friends over and over for the rest of your gaming career. The friends you made during the game, the character whose story you shared with the DM and the other players will live forever in the memory of that amazing action. This is the very essence of what makes a great DND game stand out from a bad one.

I may not be an expert on games, but I still have my amazing stories. As a DM the ability to put players into my world isn’t enough to make it an amazing game. It isn’t the world that makes it amazing but rather the contributions of the players that share it. The story they help create that will follow them for many years to come.

This may be the opinion of a newbie blogger, or maybe I am on to something. Please leave your comments in the description or even share with me, what is your perfect game?

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