Day 2: Just For The Halibut


Fishing in Games

I wait, breath, examine and contemplate as I await for my prey to approach. I feel a tug and BAM I got it, a 12lb fish worth 12 gold. Fishing is not just a sport, It is a way of gaming. With many games offering a fishing option there is almost no reason to not try it at least once. Now fishing is not everyone cup of tea, I understand this, but it is one of the most lucrative income sources in a lot of different games. People love fishing games so much that there are entire games dedicated to it. The Strike, Hooked and Bass Fishing just to name a few have emerged in the gaming industry as some of the most beloved sport games out there.


Now, I personally do not like to play those kind of fishing games as I am more partial to my MMO fishing encounters. As an avid ArcheAge fan (I.E Where I got my screenshots) I spend a lot of my time fishing for gold. The pay out for 10 minutes of fishing is worth hours of grinding mobs. Even back in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the payout for the fishing mini-game was worth more than hours of hitting grass.  Just the money makes fishing worth at least one attempt per game.

Now not all fishing in video games is worth the income. Fishing in Wizard 101 for instance might help you complete the quest but other than that it is a waste of effort. There is more to be gained by following the main story (What little there is of it) and battling the mobs. Every attempt to fish in that game yielded unsatisfying results. That is what makes fishing such an addictive part of other games. The satisfaction of catching that massive fish and in some games the bragging rights of catching the rarest of the fish.

Fishing has even hit the table top market in the form of children games although the rating for these games has plummeted through the floor in most cases. With the fail of Board game fishing the Video Game industry has risen to the challenge. All in all I have to say, they aren’t doing that bad of a job. Players are still attempting it and hey, we are saving real fish by doing this. With lots of time to spare there isn’t much else that entertains the masses as much as a good old time fishing. So with that I leave you to your fish, don’t move and feel free to brag!

(ArcheAge Guild Dynasty Fishing Expedition, Server: Nazar)