Encountering Wednesday 4: The Trouble With Wyverns

Encountering Wednesday

Encountering Wednesday

Chapter 4: The Trouble With Wyverns


They reached the mountains and came upon the Dark Valley. Gazing into the middle they spotted a massive complex jutting up like a spire. The size of this massive building made the giants look like ants. They gazed in simultaneous amusement and horror at what feat was to befall them. “Forgenjist “ Doktor murmered under his breath as he spotted this momument.

“three…. six…. SEVEN!?!?!” I heard Sandy bellow loudly as he counted the orge encampments. ”T.H.A.S.S.A.L.O.N.I.A.N” he spelled out to the party as if it made any sense to anyone but him. He pulled out his little notebook and sat on his chair as he scribbled down what I assumed were notes. I later learned it was just the word thassalonian written over and over again in the notebook but at least he looked like he knew what he was doing.

The armies were vast, no doubt summoned by the call resonating from Forginjist to the neighboring camps. Without a word Lazuli was already flying away and Noctys had assumed bat form. It was an item that Noctys had picked up earlier in their adventures I assume so I did not question the transformation too much. They flew away towards the cliff in almost a recon formation but you could tell they had not discussed this beforehand.

The remaining party merely hunkered down ad Sandy continued to babble to himself, looking around every so often to count the party members than going right back to his notebook. There was silence in the night with the exception of the every so often horn blow telling the camps that everything is fine. Lazuli was seen flying over the cliff and heading in a circle around the valley, getting a birds eye view of the situation while Noctys slipped down and was busy raiding the caves for loot.

An hour passed by fairly uneventful until suddenly “SCREEEEEEEEE” echoed through the caves as Noctys, rope in claw, came flying out of a cave followed by 3 wyvern. The middle of the three great beasts was attached to the other end of the rope and had it looped around its neck. While its two brethren were angry and obviously hungry the middle one seemed strangely passive. Noctys screamed for help but they were too far away from their allies for assistance. So Noctys flew faster and faster hoping to outrun the aerial predators.

Landing beside the now resting party Noctys returned back to Tiefling form and ran for cover as his two attackers landed softly. Noctys still held on to the rope, not letting his new found pet free as of yet when suddenly Lazuli was spotted flying in with an evil grin on her face. “DON’T KILL IT!!” Noctys shouted in vain as Lazuli built up the power and shouted one word.

“DOMINATE” Lazuli said with force as one of the Wyvern that was attacking locked up and stared directly at Lazuli.  The second one was not pleased with this and had decided at this point that Noctys was magical food. Flying forward quickly it surprised Noctys and jabbed its tail into the rogue. Noctys locked up, paralyzed from head to toe as he was dragged to the predator. Before it could get the first bite in a volley of magic missile were launched directly in its face from the Hill Giant magic user.

“ALALALALALALALALA” came shouting from over the hill as a strange man launched itself at the wyvern. He had seen the monsters land from afar and had come to assist whatever animal was being attacked. Leaping at the wyvern in only a chain shirt and what seemed to be a chain loincloth he dived head first into the mouth of this creature. At first it looked epic until I noticed he was in fact stuck. His legs and arms wiggled as he slowly choked the wyvern from inside.

In an attempt to save the random barbarian the party launched volleys of arrows and magic at it until the beast finally collapsed. They pulled the barbarian out of the wyverns mouth and brought him back into reality then immediately left him to go and help Noctys recover at least a little from this blunder.

This new person, Lurch was his name, looked around at the party in confusion. Expecting to find an animal of some sort to save he was dumbstruck as to what these people would be doing in this valley. If I had to guess I would say that he didn’t even know why he was in this valley. So simply stood, grunted abit then looked at one of the surviving non hostile creatures. Smiling he cast a spell on himself, speak with animals I believe, and immediately started making hiss and click noises at the wyvern.

Even stranger was when the wyvern started responding. Thinking the crisis was over the entire party started to breath and relax again until suddenly they heard a loud roar and the once tame wyvern lashed out at Lurch. From the look of it this new person had said something to offend it. Noctys was quick to respond, jumping in front of the wyvern and shouting “NO! FRIEND!! DON’T HURT!!”

The wyvern seemed to shrug and walked away. “Soooo… Can I kill it?” Lazuli asked in a bored tone of voice.

“Noooo, lets tame it and ride it or at least harvest poison from it” Shardrin asked in almost a begging tone as he seemed to claim the wyvern that was under the effect of dominate. It face planted into the ground asleep, no doubt the result of a telepathic command and Lazuli accepted this as an answer.

“There is a watch tow-“ Lazuli started before being rudely interrupted by a war horn. Behind her was an ogre who had come to see what the wyverns were attacking this time. An arrow to the head solved that issue, courtesy of Shardrin of course.

“Guess we gotta hurry zen” The Doktor said as he headed off towards the tower. Most of the part followed except for Noctys and Super Mutant. Noctys was busy reassuring the wyvern it would be safe when suddenly Super Mutant attacked the wyvern.

“Lizard Must Die” He said in a very assured tone as he landed a blow onto the back of the reptile. Lazuli thought this was amusing and cast fly on Super Mutant just in case he would need it. The wyvern took off and flew up with Noctys who was still holding the rope. High into the sky they flew as Super Mutant took off the tip of the wyverns tail. It cried out in pain as Noctys shouted “NO! BAD SUPER MUTANT!! NO TREATS FOR YOU” as loud as he could.

It was not long before they came crashing down to the ground with a loud thud the wyvern was slain. I stayed behind to watch these events and to my memory I cannot recall where the last of the 3 wyverns went. I shall do a follow up at a later date to try and keep my facts straight. I headed forth to go and see what remained of the wyvern and company.

Noctys was sobbing over the corpse of the short term friend until he suddenly shook off whatever he was feeling and left to find the tail. Super Mutant on the other hand began to mutilate the corpse of this creature and make sure that it stayed dead. Leaving them be I returned to the rest of the party.

At the tower all of the giants were dead. The party was very effective at killing these creatures and it had become more of an irritation than an actual battle at this point. The party was in the middle of instructing the mindless drones of two hill giants and claiming the tower as theirs. Lighting up a batch of wood they gave a signal of victory to the rest of the camps as to draw to much attention.

The rest of the night was rather uneventful except for Noctys who stayed up all night. He had told the group he had 2 bottles of wyvern venom that night to show that he properly looted the corpse then went to bed early. The next morning Super Mutant was dead, poisoned by the looks of it although no one saw Noctys move last night. How this occurred no one may ever know.

`              Oh.. And Lurch decided to stay with the group because, and a quote, “They gave me pants…”