Encountering Wednesday 5: Legend of Rollo

Crew Encountering Wednesday

Encountering Wednesday

Chapter 5: Legend of Rollo

The party has decided to rest for the night by setting up camp inside the tower that they have claimed from the giant horde. I have elected to share one of the more interesting legends surrounding this party of adventurers while they rest. There was once a member, a king to be more specific, traveling with them from village to village. He was the king of Boulder Gate and was said to have slain every foe in combat. He was as ruthless as he was kind, as strong as he was smart and most of all as big as he was caring.

“That’s not how he was.. Reroll your history check” I heard Lazuli say from way closer than she should be. Looking up she was hovering above me and all I could think was ‘The tenets! THE TENETS!!’ as I sat there frozen staring at the warlock. This could be the end, I could die here, reaching slowly for my scroll of teleportation she spoke again.

“Wont do much good… My friends perception is to high not to mention my detect magic will show where you go… If anything you should try a hide check, maybe a bluff?” Lazuli said calmly and almost in a bored tone as she stared at this Bard. “Rollo was a great warrior but smart, not so much….” Lazuli started.

I took notes throughout the story that I was told, paying special attention to detail until the follow tale was completed, Lazuli referred to this story as “The birth of Oslo”:

Rollo was from a small orchish village where he was the biggest of all the orcs. All the orcs could tell he had a great destiny to him so when he came of age they set him out into the world to explore and quest.  Lazuli met Rollo on a small expedition when he was attempting to kill dragons. (I will note I was excited to hear a dragon fighting tale but instead I got something completely different.) They were traveling north following the Latuni river when they came upon an encampment of human thugs. Rollo got it into his head that they were villains and they needed to be punished for their crimes by Bianca, his axe.

Rollo charged forth into the very surprised thugs and started hacking away. Down they fell quickly, Lazuli was lobbing lighting and bringing the heavens down on them (Which I feel was abit of an exaggeration but.. Its Lazuli’s story). It was an epic battle and afterwards they went to enter the cave and found a bear locked up in a cage. Feeling sorry for the bear Rollo opened the door and released it only to have it maul him. Somehow, and both I and Lazuli are confused as to how, Rollo decided this was in fact love bites and proceeded to punch the bear into submission as a pet because no good pet should be biting it master. Putting a chain around the bears neck he claimed it as his and named it Oslo, a name that will go down in history forever for this party. Rollo, assuming he tamed the bear and didn’t just beat it to near death, traveled onwards to the next town on his way to the city of Boulder Gate. Bear in hand the tale of Oslo stretches for a long time with many an adventure to share.

“I normally don’t waste my time with Non Player Characters” Lazuli said at the end, eye balling the bard. “Your different though.. Like your filled with a omnipotent power that even you are unaware of…. We may speak again in time..” Lazuli said before flying off and disappearing into the night.

Scribbling down the last of my notes I waited in silence. “You know what? Rollo and Oslo sound like great adventures to be having… We may do this again some time..” I mumbled than returned to my book. Scribble Scribble.