Encountering Wednesday 6: The Doktor’s Plan

Crew Encountering Wednesday

Encountering Wednesday

Chapter 6: The Doktor’s Plan


I rejoined the party in the middle of their battle planning. Doktor was waving his arms around and announcing how their siege was going to work. Everyone seemed to be paying attention except for Noctys who seemed to be arguing with the Orphan.

“Andz First we zhall zend in zeh tief!!!” the Doktor said, his accent stronger than usual. “Afters zeh tief opens zeh door we rush in! Lazu, you go with Zandy and distract the army!” he instructed, not specifying how as much as what. It seemed to me that the Doktor understood his party enough to know they were not going to follow it word by word.

It was then I noticed Lurch was wearing a backpack of some sort. It was similar to a pouch on his back where the head of a small jittery gnome was sitting there murmuring to itself. I watched as his tiny hands seemed to be working on something and every so often he giggled madly then returned to his work. As Doktor finished up his magnificent speech a man yelled “Hail!” from the distance gaining the attention of the party.

He was dressed in paladin armor and robes and had the same insignia as their missing gopher companion. He walked up to the party and handed a letter to Doktor, no doubt assuming that he was in fact the leader of the group. Oh how he was mistaken. Doktor read the letter, nodded, then proceeded with the plan of action.

They began to assault Richard in his Giant form. Whacking him until he was merely a bloody pulp. Richard, crying like a child, pulled himself together and ran screaming “THE HUMMIES ARE COMING” as loud as he could. What I at first marked as another mark of insanity seemed to be their attempt to convince the army that they were under siege.

The time had come to put the more reasonable part of the Doktor’s plan into action. With an unspoken understanding Lazuli took Sandy and flew off into the distance casting Control Weather and bringing about a horrible storm. Noctys, taking this as his que, turned into a bat and fluttered off towards the castle. The remainder of the party slowly made their way to the front gate.

Noctys flew above the wall and looked around for a way to open the gate. That is until he noticed a hole located in the center of the stronghold. At the bottom were massive piles of dragon bones, human bones, giant bones and even mammoth bones. Noctys remembered the parties earlier discussions about the price of a dragon bone weapon and began to grin in his bat form. Flying down to investigate he began to dig, completely forgetting about the mission at hand.

Meanwhile Lazuli, Richard and Sandy were in the valley with hundreds of giants that believed they were under assault. Lazuli began casting again and on the horizon an illusion slowly began to appear. Lazuli created an army of hundreds of humans and dwarves riding war cows. Not only were these war cows bigger but she gave them a demonic quality. That is right, Lazuli created a demon cow army. With a single wave the entire force charged onto the Giants who couldn’t see through the illusion. Buying the ploy they began to battle an undying army.

It was then I heard a screaming of hatred coming from the broom. With a careful preparation of stretches and practice knee bending Sandy launched himself off the broom chair first towards a giant. Rolling, spinning, flipping he managed to hit a giant dead on and crush him with the mere force of the blow. Standing up after impact he merely glared at the rest of the giant horde and caused the retreat of the entire army.

In an effort to save the dwarf Lazuli flew down and retrieved him and moved to join the rest of the party. Lazuli remembered the second part of the plan and taking Richard’s staff, where his soul would be kept in the event of his death she lighting bolted him and then launched the staff at the keep. She watched as it missed and went onwards towards a cave in the distance. With a slight shrug she just continued on to rejoin the rest of the party. They were standing in front of the gate, still waiting and it became obvious that Noctys had forgotten. But where would he go? I had only one guess, the same cave the staff went to. The cave, of Longtooth the dragon.

I made myself scarce and quickly headed for the cave. What I found there was very, unexpected.