Encountering Wednesday 7: The Party Assembles

Crew Encountering Wednesday

Encountering Wednesday

Chapter 7: The Party Assembles


I peered into the dragon cave cautiously, sniffing the air for that brimstone smell that accompanied any dragon. Peering around I saw Richard’s staff in a pile of treasure. A bright flash filled the room and the once glowing staff was now dull. Next thing I know this massive, ancient, partially blind dragon was reaching out and grabbed the staff.

As this massive beast slowly staggered out of the cave, staff in claw, I watched as a bat flew straight in. The dragon was way to blind to notice it and merely stretched his wings and with a yawn flew out. It soared towards the castle lazily and it was not till then that it occurred to me, where is Richard? I stared dumbstruck at the dragon until the realization hit me, he did it again. He did what years of wizards were unable to do. Possessed a dragon.

My thoughts were interrupted by a clinking of coins and I turned to see Noctys filling his bag as quickly as possible with everything. There was a gleam of delight in his eyes as he was holding a bag I did not recognize. “Identify” I whispered and it came to me. This thief had found a bag of holding in the horde and was now proceeding to fill his bag with as much as he could.

I left right as I saw Lazuli arrive believing that this situation would be no good for Noctys. A teleport spell later and I was behind the party, still invisible mind you, watching as they approached the gate. I saw the guardians, a group of spiritual harpies, before the party even noticed. Lurch was the one that triggered their attention and I managed to pop in my cotton before they began to sing.

Now I imagine there were screams of terror and pain. Lots of cursing from the party as this fight ensued. The Harpies being trained in the ways of martial arts were unrelenting but the skill of the party to repel the attackers was much stronger. The party managed to chase the harpies away right as the dragon from earlier flew by and ATE one of them. With a blink I teleported again far enough away that the dragon couldn’t see me.

To my surprise another teleport went off. Lazuli and Noctys were there, bag of holding at Noctys’s side, and seemed rather happy with themselves. I pray that I find out what was said one day but till now I don’t know.

The party reconvened and prepared their attack on the stronghold.

Authors Note: I apologize for the short post this week. This is an attempt to help me pace out the chapters a little more and provide a better production for you, my readers. Thank you for understanding.