Encountering Wednesday 8: A Mammoth Problem

Crew Encountering Wednesday


Encountering Wednesday

Chapter 8: A Mammoth Problem


I wish I could say the attack was well coordinated and thought out. That the adventuring party slayed the evil foes in a graceful heroic manner. I wish I could put into words my disappointment in this group based on what I have seen. Where I thought I had these amazing heroes to study I am stuck with.. Well, flying mammoths.. Im sorry I am getting ahead of myself let me start over.

The brave adventurers entered the gates to the black tower. Standing in the doorway they were greeted by several giants patrolling the grounds, one of which riding a mammoth. The party quickly hid in the shadows of the massive doors and the dragon tried its best to get up against the wall without anyone noticing. As the party stood there Noctys took the first move and quickly hid in the shadows on the other side of the gate. The paladin rushed across the courtyard quickly and entered a large building, not drawing any attention  to himself by some miracle. There was a moment of pause, then I noticed Lazuli giggle to herself and slowly walk into the courtyard towards the mammoth riding giant.

The rest of the party stood in the door way hiding, waiting for some kind of opening to strike. Noctys rushed forward headed straight for the spire in the corner of the area. He quietly walked in and quickly hid in the corner, as per the usual Noctys style. It was then I heard a war horn blow and saw that Lazuli had cast a spell on the Mammoth. The Mammoth was now flying and seemed very confused about its current predicament. As it floated there Lazuli got on her broom and flew up to her normal combat height, overlooking the battlefield. Almost on cue the entire party acted. In comes Doktor charging a tower and right above a large dragon comes flying in, Richard, landing on the wall and breathing fire everywhere.

There was a scream of terror from the Paladin’s building as he came running out, the wall collapsing behind him and 5 large mammoths chasing him. As he ran for fear of his life the enchanted Mammoth goes flying into the wall, knocking the stone giant off its back and onto the ground only to be trampled by the stampede. Using this as a chance the Paladin slipped into the main pit and hid at the bottom knowing quite well the stairs were to small for a mammoth.

Flying above Lazuli began to release arcane fury upon the ground, cackling away. The Doktor, now stuck inside a flaming building thanks to his dragon friend worked his way up to the top and pushed a giant off the edge. Grabbing the ballista and aiming for one of the rampage mammoths he fired a shot the landed dead on in the head of the beast. As if things could not get more hectic almost on cue there is a shout of “RUN!!!” from Noctys as he comes running out of the spire, holding something in his arms. Following him closely come 6 Rocs flying out into the sky. Two of them tailing Noctys and the other 4 flying around to join the fray.

Not paying attention Lazuli is hit directly in the side by the massive bird and knocked off her broom. Quickly reaching out she grabbed it and dragged it with them as they went barreling for a building. The other 3 began to attack the dragon but were quickly dispatched by its massive jaws and breath of flame.

Several minutes of battling later the courtyard is cleared, the Roks are back in hiding and the flying mammoth has a new purpose in life. A battering ram. Still not put out of its misery it continuously flys into several buildings and corpses until finally knocking itself out. The party assembles headed for the black tower to find what it was all of these people were guarding. They planned to pillage and plunder the contents of the tower. Inside the entry way of the forsaken building they find one flaw in their plan. Richard.. Doesn’t fit in the door.


Authors Note: We missed last week due to a technological glitch but we are back on track. This is last weeks post reconstucted from memory so my apologies if it feels rushed in any way. The issue has been fixed and this stream of content will be flowing out as per usual. Thank you for understanding! :3