Encountering Wednesday 9: The Black Tower

Crew Encountering Wednesday

Encountering Wednesday

Chapter 9: The Black Tower

The end decision was strongly disagreed upon by Richard as he was forced to leave the dragon form. Returning to his normal body the party reassembled as a whole and entered the black tower. The first level of it was uneventful, or as Sandy so perfectly put it “This is boring..” The walls made of a cool black stone and carved carefully at perfect angles, all divisible by seven. If only Sandy knew this he might not be as bored by the dark room.

Opening the trap door they found a ladder and a bright blue glow shown from beneath. Staring down into the room below there was a single floating object, but no one could focus on it from this distance. Being the brave adventurers that they are they traveled into the depths below to explore what lay beyond. At the bottom they found a single floating entity. A  black figure wrapped in bandages and holding a scroll case, observing the room.

Now lets take a moment to talk about this. I had the hardest time finding my way into this room first. Do you know what a dragon’s perception is like? It could spot a fly sitting on an invisible toad.. Lets just say it is not easy to sneak past this group AND that super octopus. Two invisible potions and some light foot boots later and I am barely stealth enough to get down here SO here is how I did it. First I dug. Well, sorta. I summoned a lot of burrowing mammals using the summon nature ally scrolls I had picked up from a friend. After several minutes of digging we ended up below the target. I then used a short rand teleport and bam, I was in the room. Thankfully I was stealth enough to get past the guardian but the party, not so much.

The Party entered the room and saw the floating guardian of the black tower. Glancing at each other you can feel the tension building for teh battle to come. Everyone’s breathing was noticeably heavier as the anxiety se- “Sandy, Throw a rock at it! 10 Points if you hit the head!” Lazuli called out to the dwarf.

Now Sandy was not sure what points were for but they sounded good. Thinking about it and weighing his options he chose to take the points and with a might throw he tossed a rock at hit it right on the head. The eyes of the being glowed and it cast a plague of insects in the room. Through the entire room the bugs spread and the party scrambled. I took this as my chance and moved for the exit, slipped out right before the stone slab locked the party in. I heard screaming and magic going off until finally silence. The party, beaten and bruised, slowly exited the room, stopping in the above “boring” room to bandage and heal before moving on into the depths of the valley. Into the ground.