“Flip The Switch” MWA HA HA HA – Captains Update


All Systems Live, Happy  Flying.

Can you hear it? She missed me.. The engines purr with that rhythmic synergy that just invigorates the soul. As of this post, the Schedule (Posted two weeks ago?) is now. It took alittle time, some strings needed to be pulled and we had to power the generators on but we have lift off.  Posts should flow out like water >:3 I am so excited!! As of today the final edits have been done to the podcast and we will be set to publish by Friday.

That is all for this update! I will be back next week with even more news as to whats to come.

Streams are off this week until I find a schedule that fits! We will erratically be streaming but as of yet can not nail down a schedule.

Tomorrow: A discussion on Storytelling. Hear my thoughts and share yours! 🙂