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Flux, my shifty opinion?

Game in Question: Flux

Created by: Looney Labs

20160516_213225Flux is an ever changing game of rules and goals. Starting out with the simple turn of draw one play one the game quickly evolves into a mass of rules and plays that becomes almost silly. This game is designed for 2-6 players ages 8+ and I honestly agree with it completely! It is not complicated to learn and as long as you have basic reading skills this game is a must have! With a play time of 5-30 minutes it is quick, easy and to the point while still remaining entertaining.

Contents: 100 cards and the instruction page. That’s right, a single page of instructions.

How to Play:

This is not an easy part to cover as the game starts out as a simple draw one play one but quickly evolves into a mess of rules and goals. This game is not without strategy but still has that spot of chance that makes the game fun! With tons of goals constantly cycling and most of the rules affecting the immediate turn it is even possible to win turn one.

The key to this game is keepers. Keepers are what the goal needs to be completed (Although not all goals rely on Keepers, some have rules on hand size and other mini accomplishments) and at any moment you complete a goal you win. Hands down, no questions asked win. Now completing an ever changing objective is no easy feat. In fact it can be argued as one of the hardest tasks ever met. s

So with this in mind the game flows easily. It is easy to pick up and with slight rule changes adding on over time it is very easy to understand (provided you were there at the beginning of the game). Other than that, there is not much to this game. This game is a easy to learn, easy to play variation on a simple concept. 20160516_213242

Captains Judgment


  • This game is very easy to learn and very easy to get good at.  The simplicity of the system gives this game major merit as it works great as a party game or something quick to teach some friends.
  • Big points for this game on its quick play. Usually at least. This game is designed to last only 30 minutes tops and although it does have its horror stories of 4 hour long plays the fix I usually run with is we don’t shuffle the deck. If the deck runs out the game is a draw. This helps limit it down to its design.
  • Being easy to learn and quick to play it is a GREAT WAY to fill time. If your waiting for that one more player or are waiting for a ride this game is great for that.


  • Once the group gets good at it, adding new players becomes difficult. Some players tend to lose track of rules or worst, never understood them in the first place. This issue can cause games to get laggy and sometimes even result in arguments.
  • This IS NOT a game I would sit down and want to play for to terribly long. Its repetitive nature and quick game play makes it a great party game but a terrible game for long term fun. Replay value is lacking in this game and this fact causes it to get a bad point on its record.

Captains Call:

With the above in consideration this game is being given 6/10 Tankards of Rum. Although this is a great party game the crew was very quick to exile it. Some of them did enjoy it but would not want to play it again while acouple completely hated it. I feel this game has its place on the shelf but is not one I would want to carry around to, let say, Table Top Day. Sometimes its fun, sometimes its lacking and the fact that it is sometimes lacking puts it down on the ranks.

Looney labs its great for what it is, but not one I would want to reply over and over because even a sea dog like I gets tired of a game after to many times.


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