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So I was browsing on YouTube the other day. I was going through my subscriptions and watching some of my favorite comedians and such when I bumped into a recent video made by (Who are a member of our allies by the way). 5 tips on how to Play an Asshole character in a(n) Tabletop RPG game was the name of the video. Now I am a click bait junkie when it comes to lists. 5 tips, top 10, 30 worst countdowns you get the idea. So when I see this I thought huh, I GOTTA WATCH THIS!!! (and so I did ;3)

Tickle me inspired I thought what better tip to share for Character Development on Mondays than how to not be an asshat at the table! So before I go into my discussion I sent a shout out for a summary of Kevin’s, owner, video in how he would best summarize it. Well, technically I asked to embed the video but this works just as well. So here are a few words from Kevin:

How to play an asshole in an RPG without being hated by the rest of the players. We all love the asshole characters in media but when you are playing a role playing game sometimes the other players have a hard time telling the difference between you playing a jerk and you as a player actually being one.

#1 Be extra nice to other players 

#2 Use a different voice 

#3 Don’t always be an Foe to other players 

#4 Talk with the other players before arguing with their character 

#5 Ask for feedback and then follow it 

Video Link:

I feel that he summarized his discussion nicely in his 5 main points. So lets go through this point by point and expand upon how I understood them. So here are Kevin’s quick 5 tips on how to not be an asshole while playing an asshole character, or my feedback on it at least.

#1 Be extra nice to other players. This could be simple as complimenting the other players for good roleplay, offering advice on equipment or just being a good guy. The goal I feel is to separate yourself from the character, show that you are not the ass that you appear to be. “This is not the asshat your looking for”.

Which brings me to #2, Use a Different voice! Now Kevin has the right idea here as this will FOR SURE separate you from the character. Thinking back to the time when I played a guy with a Cockney Accent (and asked on live stream what a Cockney Accent was….) It definitely let my character stand out.  Now I know voices arent for everyone but if you have never tried you will never know! Always remember, you will forever sound stupid to yourself but awesome to everyone else!

#3 Don’t Always be a Foe can mean alot of things. Kevin uses the example of a thief. Which is Ironic because this brings a situation from my Saturday Group to mind. We had a rogue who went out of his way to steal “his cut” from the party fund. Instead of just proving he is an asshole character he became the asshole when he drew the argument from in character to the real world. I feel this has a lot of Meta issues in it because the argument went from a in game problem that COULD have been a beautiful role play situation where they solve it either to the death OR by talking it out and turned into a real life shouting match about who was in the right. Which I quickly shut down because they were BOTH in the wrong.

#4 Talk to the player before arguing with the character. It is important that all the players involved in the game are on the same page. This being said it is double important that before having a In Game argument the actual players are on the same page that it is IN GAME! If you are playing this game with people you want to at least attempt to be friends with everyone at the table. Yes the DM is a moderator but it is not him that actually creates the adventure. I know im diverging abit from what he says in the video but this is a good chance to stress the point that we ARE ALL FRIENDS! At least I hope so.

#5 Ask for Feedback is important on so many levels. Playing off the point that we should all be on the same page we should also all be growing. Asking the other players for feed back is crucial when playing a asshole. You need to know where the limit is, when to much is to much and these boundaries will not be drawn without feedback. To quote him from the video “Its all about communication”.

So here is a link to the Video (again!) and go and look at what he has created! Also I will be holding a mini contest for those who read the article to the bottom! (ill know because you saw this note!). If you go into the video comments and type “Howl Sends his Regards” you will be entered into a raffle! Final date of the raffle drawing will decided in a later post this week (have to keep you reading somehow!?!?).

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That is it for today, have fun and keep gaming!!! <3