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Something Sunday


Heh heh…… So I have been relatively quiet recently. I know you all (or at least ill pretend) missed my posts of reviews and ramblings. So I bring good news! Good news and good tidings! Aboard The Airship has acouple new tricks that have taken a regrettably long time to put together. This amount of effort to make good content appear here has caused ATA to go alittle silent. My sincere apologies… Here is a picture of a kitten to show just how sorry I am :c

So here is the game plan friends!

First! We will be having acouple new types of posts appearing here! Something Sunday is here to stay, mostly because I personally enjoy the randomness that I can post on sundays! I can literally (USED IT CORRECTLY!) write anything I want here!

Second! Two new series will be starting! Encountering Wednesday and Adventures in Eosis which will be posted on Wednesday (For encountering Wednesday) and Saturday for.. Well you get it idea. Exciting!!! These will be recaps (in a bardic twist) of DND games I run on Wednesday and Saturday!! YAY FOR CONTENT!

Third! We are ending the character Building series BUT I am still dedicating Monday to Player Development. I will be adding Roleplay tips, Links I find and other helpful information for players there!

Fourth, Starting Next month on a to be determined date we will be Streaming on Twitch (and maybe some impromptu streams on Periscope :P). What will I be streaming? Well Gaming of course! Be it Video Games or Map Making I am hoping to be branching into Twitch by next month!!! We shall see how this works for me.

Last but not least on the new content bandwagon is DM Toolbox! I will be sharing tips, tricks and resources for new and experienced DMs every Saturday in addition to my Adventures in Eosis posts!!!

So I can hear (or at least pretend to hear) you ask about Tuesday and Thursday. Well… They are generally staying the same with some slight changes. Tuesday will continue to be Review day BUT will no longer be limited to just board games. I will be reviewing at least 1 game related subject every Tuesday BUT I may do reviews in addition to these in other various fields (Movies, Books, Food… Videogames and maybe a dash of Toys… Who knows, I like toys… ) Thursdays will continue to be Kickstart highlights BUT I will also be adding the occasional Blog Highlight there of people who make me happy! Lets be honest, its not hard to make me happy.

Also, last announcement for today the Podcast will be returning in August!! Starting on August 5th we will be returning to weekly production! Unless my headset dies AGAIN… At which point I might scream (but thankfully you cant hear me because my headset would be dead ;3)

So without that I will let you go! I hope to see you around more often and do not forget to follow me on Twitters @HowlPhilinish!! I love meeting new people. Enjoy your night!!