It’s Who You Know

Crew Private Eye Case File

A slew of files sits on the desk as Drraagh flips through them, frowning lightly to himself. “Do you know, most of the situations these days are all about who you know that can help you in your time of need. As the saying goes, a friend will help you move while a best friend is someone who helps you move a body.” He chuckles slightly and shakes his head. “The problem is, making the connections, or more importantly, the keeping of those connections.”

“I mean, think about it this way, if spending money on improving your community helped you as much as spending the same amount on yourself, more people would do it. You wouldn’t see people dealing with improving themselves, getting all the cool toys and such to play with. Granted, the extremely wealthy do have a lot of charitable donations, but if you’re cynical, that is because they want all those tax breaks. So, give it what you will.”

He looks out at the doorway to the office and then nods slightly, brushing his hair before speaking. “You can try and be the good guy, the guy who does the right thing, but as the movies show, you don’t get any payout until the end and then it’s fade to black and credits roll. Well, don’t forget, there’s also that great quote about movies…

You know what the problem with Hollywood is? They make shit. Unbelievable, unremarkable shit. Now I’m not some grungy wannabe filmmaker

that’s searching for existentialism through a haze of bong smoke or something. No, it’s easy to pick apart bad acting, short-sighted directing, and a purely moronic stringing together of words that many of the studios term as “prose”. No, I’m talking about the lack of realism.

Make of that what you will, but yeah, the movies aren’t exactly like real life these days and probably will never be, but that’s just me. ”

He drums a finger on his desk, the files bouncing slightly as it does. “Just consider this.. The 4400 TV series shows us that some acts can ripple through and make big changes, including the second episode which showed a single person using their abilities to help clean up the community by literally cleaning it up, taking care of some of the troublemakers and such, and the effects that had to get people to organize. Kinda a great change for the community, especially when you now have people you can turn to for help.”

A bit of a chuckle escapes his mouth as he looks up at the ceiling and then down to the room again. “But let me also add one simple truth. You want at least one crazy person you can go to too. Why, you may wonder. Well, any rational colleagues that you can call on, they’ll have a breaking point. A limit where they realize it is not worth the trouble to fight anymore and thus will back down and let you be taken. A crazy person will fight until their dying breath for a cause they believe in such as helping a friend who needs it. Sounds like a true friend doesn’t it? Someone who will go out of their way to defend things that they believe in. A lot like the idea of the military, no?”

Standing up, he walks through the room, pacing idly it would seem. “A friend in need, friend indeed sort of thing. However, how can you make sure to make a friend? Solve a problem for them. If you don’t find one, feel free to make one. Come up with some interesting use for you to do for them, or give them some sort of issue which they cannot solve themselves. Maybe supplies have dried up, maybe someone found them they would rather not how found, maybe they’re faced with an… extra legal issue. Either way, you go out of your way to solve that issue that was created, and they’ll have your back to help return the favor. More if you seem like a god in fixing those problems.”

Drraagh steps through the room, looking around, sighing softly. “Some say it’s all in the perception. How you look, talk and act. The sort of actions that you can only make a first impression once, so best to make the right one isn’t it? If you’re going high crust, you want to look like you belong. Wear a new suit, new shoes, nice hair, the whole nine. If you’re going to meet someone lower class, going in looking like that will make you too much of a preppy arse. You’ld be better off with a pair of jeans and a shirt, perhaps a t-shirt. It’s all a matter of fitting in with what they look like. There’s also a lot of actions, since the powerful and the poor act completely different, though you’ld only notice it if you were to observe them.”

Pulling out one of the filing cabinet drawers, Drraagh starts flipping through the files and frowns. “I know it’s here somewhere,” he mutters, reaching into the next door to check for it. “I had a file around here that talked about all of this…. I think this is it here,” he says fishing out a file and setting it on the table and opening it. “Yes, this is it. Check out this and see what you think. It talks about non-verbal communication techniques. All the sort of stuff we do without saying a single word. We also then have the idea of neuro-linguistic programming, which you can read with this page which has more details about the way to use language and psychotherapy to make people think and act in certain ways. There’s a lot of fun things that can be done there, you just need to figure out how to make people act that way.”


A long breath and then he goes back to sit at the desk, putting his feet back up. “Give this some thought and you can see how important the people you know are. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, they say. So what else happens when you think about what people do in your lives, the sort of support that we have in our lives.”