Khajiiti Traveler Issue 1 – 4th Wall

Crew Khajiiti Traveler


A series of short vignettes, written by and starring Blu Hukamon the Illusionist Extraordinaire and his talking pet cat  Chi’Maru

“You’ve already joined the crew!?” Chi’Maru was astonished.

‘Epic Adventure!’ Hu cheered swashbuckling the air. ‘Commissioned officially to officiate an office space. Oh, the books we could collect! The worlds of words to discover and digest together!’

Chi’Maru was Completely Astonished. “I’m pretty sure you are a figment of my imagination…”

Chi’Maru vertigo-ed from the sudden panic plunge.

Damn Illusionists!

How good is he?

Disoriented she marveled, “Can the Captain conscript my imaginary friends…?” The moment of dread passed and she reconsidered, “or hallucinations… or a bit of both.” Chi’Maru heard her voice say; and it struck her as funny that her mouth would go there when her mind went somewhere else. Her attention was on the argument to disqualify the use of the word friend. She wasn’t at all interested analyzing degrees of imaginary.

‘Image- imagine nay nary .. a nary-ative’ Hu twisted the spell effect. Nibbled words and definitions combined, mixed, seeded, sapling-ed, branched, tree-ed, papered, booked, stacked, shelved, and library-ed.

‘It all fits on the nib of a quill… push of the key… scroll of the brush effect.’ Hu awkwardly turned around to parade downstem, ‘Oh the fonts we will use! The graphic designs! And clip art, we’ll need clip art!’

Hu’s spell successfully invoked the inner bard to stir.

The cover page, lay out, and content unfolded. The next edition (and the one to follow) researched and rough drafted.  Chi’Maru wasn’t sure how long she had been at it.

She may have lost days to this crazy enterprise already.

“You found the allure.” Chi’Maru stated dryly searching for her planner among the mounds of artwork and notes. Found.

Or weeks… she checked again. She definitely lost weeks to this crazy enterprise.

“Well played.”Chi’Maru nodded and admitted defeat.