Khajiiti Traveler Issue 1 – Local Flavor

Crew Khajiiti Traveler


A series of short vignettes, written by and starring Blu Hukamon the Illusionist Extraordinaire and his talking pet cat  Chi’Maru

Chi’Maru sighed and shook her head. ”I should make an epitaph. The machinery of modernism has made my skill base a disposable commodity.

‘Outmaneuvered and outmoded. Foiled again!’ Hu assumed the pugilistic posture for a breath then slowly curled into meditative slouch. ‘Shall we take a moment and contemplate impermanence?’

“It’s manufactured impermanence.” Chi’Maru interrupted before Hu could cast the spell. “Planned obsolescence is manipulation. I don’t want to play exploitation games no more.” Chi’Maru suppressed the snarl, “That’s exactly why I have been consorting with necromancers and scavengers. They recycle! They know the value of life. They suck marrow…”

‘They make lemonade.’ Hu harmonized, decided against the sing-a-long and refreshed the hookah instead.

Mid- rant, mid-word.  Stunned. Chi’Maru couldn’t remember what she was saying. Mesmerizing thunderheads emerged from Hu’s newest pipedream. Primal beat. Rhythm and melody. Counter beat. Synaptic pulses igniting escalating potentialities. Disco strobe fog filled the jar as it transformed into a mirror ball, projecting the internal scene outwards. DJ Hu building the tempo… building the temple… cathedral of smoke and lights… rising to the excruciating peak. Hu teased a painful pause, then bassed out hard. Chi’Maru abandoned restraint letting her body join the rhythm. ‘Dance baby dance.’ Plasma tendrils reaching embracing connecting network root system branching new growth reaching towards…?  P-o-t-e-n-t-i-a-l-i-t-i-e-s.

“Are you seriously spelling it out?” Chi’Maru dispelled the charm waving a scolding claw toward the caterpillar’s jar. “Of course, there are always the potentialities. *sigh* It’s the vehicle. It’s costly and tech dependent.” Chi’Maru indicated the antiques she utilized in her trade, resenting the inadequacies.

Hu assumed an indifferent shrug. ‘It is. It is what it is and It is exactly why it is. There is no more to figure out aside from what you will do. The real question here is will you join this crew?’

“A Freakin Airship!” Chi’Maru winced “of all things…!” Her ears flattened in displeasure.

‘Is it the height? Cause I don’t mind the height. I look forward to flying.’ Hu stretched, hovering his upper torso dangerously off the stem and with a euphoric grin … his thoracic arms superman-ed in unison.

“It’s an airship. Iconically, both mocked and metaphored. Full of hot air. Head in the clouds. Flight of fancy…” Chi’Maru braced for Hu’s optimism to refute her rational fear of gravity with cryptic platitudes.

Instead she heard, ‘The Captain is defiant that way.’ Hu inflated with the borrowed affiliation of danger and bravery.

“Yes. Admirable.” Chi’Maru zoomed-in to watch the caterpillar… strut?!  In his daydream the larva was an absolute bad ass, and he knew it, nodding and waving to his fans, a little call me with a wink, and wait for it… the mandible gleam. ‘Oh yeah, I’m sexy.’