Khajiiti Traveler Issue 1 – Pimp Your Pad

Crew Khajiiti Traveler


A series of short vignettes, written by and starring Blu Hukamon the Illusionist Extraordinaire and his talking pet cat  Chi’Maru

‘Where is the allure of lore in this space called virtual?’

Hukamon pondered as he exhaled a sinuous meandering pattern, cloudy terra to be formed amid pareidolic impulses. Hyperuranion simultaneously substantiating and disintegrating into eddies of smoke hesperocyons racing toward morphology yet devouring the source.

“Well, that was neat…  but completely useless,” Chi’Maru growled and pushed the blue caterpillar’s jar back into the peripheral edge of her work space, pulling her scrying tablet to center to assess the power supply. It’s been dying more frequently..

Chi’Maru considered her dark reflection while waiting for the spark of illumination.

‘There’s no knowing where we’re going.’ Hu chirped and the tablet chimed; another tool proved useless in deriving a course of action.

Chi’Maru sneered at her sneering mirrored image; decided not to like who ever that was, and shoved the slab back into its ossuary.

‘ …Oooh exulted Ahh-gical space, ever the rational rationalist!’ Hu quivered his thoracic arms in exaltation. His eyes dilated and he began to mutter his usual muttering, ‘a morph of myth of ology… the method-ology of mystery-ology… study of the study of..  psych key olly olly … ollyoxalls?  …They all come out of hiding eventually. Hu stroked his mandible in faux contemplation.

“Certainly, when the Captain calls I should not ignore it…”  Searching for another tool of divination to exhume, Chi’Maru resisted the compulsion to dust and arrange …and rearrange the catacomb of cards, runes, crystals, and other accoutrements; otherwise known as the desk.




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