Kickstart Thursday: Battle of the Schools


Battle of the Schools? Yu-Gi-Oh and public Education?

You heard that right, a Yu-Gi-Oh event to help the kids of Chicago off the streets. Wow.. Just.. Wow!

So a little backstory here. I was scrolling through the kickstarters looking for something to use as Kickstart of the Week when I stumbled upon a strange title. “Battle of the Schools”.. Huh I thought as I clicked it and well, I was caught with a happy surprise. Here I was expecting another board game when instead I ran into an actual event. When I was a High School student I founded a Gamer Guild. In it I had a dream to run events and maybe even have it carry on for times to come. So when I read this, a bunch of kids with a similar dream it reminded me of what I tried to do and well, I want to help them. I want to see these kids give others an alternative to the life of crime. Lets give you a little bit of statistics:

Crime Rates are based off of every 100,000 people:

Homicide: 15.1

Forcible Rape: 49.3

Robbery: 359.9

Aggravated Assault: 460

Burglary: 533.6

Larceny-Theft: 2224.6

Motor Vehicle Theft: 367.9

Arson: 16.9

*These numbers are from Wikipedia

Now I know how wikipedia has a bad rep for inaccuracy but they get the point across. This is an insanely high number of crimes in Chicago. These kids grow up around this and well, they want an alternative!

“We want nothing more than to show people that we are not just a generation of crime statistics” The very fine words of Alan Phung.

To offset the insane amount of crime in there area they are looking towards a solution. By pairing with a game store, Gamers World, they are one step ahead of the game in making their dream happen. Although they have nothing set as a reward they believe that all they can give is there gratitude. I challenge this! I challenge the Chicago Public School gaming community to give us, the watchers of the internet, pictures and proof of how your dream turned out!

Lets see what we, the online gaming community, can make happen! Lets make some kids smile if for no other reason then because they are trying to make a difference. Sometimes, trying is all you need.

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