Kickstart Thursday: Escape from Teddy Bear Island

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Escape from Teddy Bear Island!

I think that picture is more then enough explanation of what the hell this game is about and oh my I am excited!

I know not to much about Orcs Unlimited other than they are a budding game company eager to join the fray of the board game industry and share their unique creations. They have caught this sailors eye this week and were selected for Kickstart Thursday because of a bunny. Yes, this all started because of an image of a bunny. Here is that bunny:

Whilst scrolling casually through my twitter feed I encountered this strange rabbit with the tweet “In $14 this bunny will be happy…”. Being the good pirate I am I immediately came to the innocent plush rabbits rescue only to find ESCAPE FROM TEDDYBEAR ISLANDEpic sounding, aye? Anyway after further exploration I read a line on the kick starters page that read “The biggest innovation this system makes is in character advancement. In our system your character advances by achieving their life goals (not by being a murder hobo). We have found that this causes the players to go out of their way to role play. “. Did I read that right? You only advance through story progress rather than just how many things you’ve killed!?!?

The idea of progress through progress is crazy, its a DMs dream as the players have to care more about character motivation rather then racking up the XP total. Its barbaric and outlandish and I like it. So I gave them $14.

Orcs Unlimited have 3 games in this kick starter:

Escape from Teddybear Island

We kill bugs

Kaijus have bad days too.

With a small donation your name goes into the backer page of the book and you get a copy (Pdf) of course of the books. Come and explore and attempt to survive bunny island!

Oh, and before I forget!

See? He is smiling now!!


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