Kickstart Thursday: Gaslight Empire Games: Chief Inspector & City of Outcasts

Crew Kick Start Thursday


Gaslight Empire Games: Chief Inspector & City of Outcasts.

This kickstart campaign got my attention a different route than usual. It came to me! Philip duBarry messaged me asking if he could come and talk on my podcast. For one, this is the first time anyone actually come to me and for two holy cow I LOVE STEAMPUNK! He brought to my attention many games but you will have to wait till Friday for the full details of that discussion.

One though that be brought up was a kickstart campaign that went live Yesterday! This one is fresh! I am proud to be posting about Chief Inspector & City of Outcasts. These are TWO separate games for only $20! Now although my friend Philip only worked on one of the two projects both win my attention for their artistic style and beautiful stories. Now, alittle background on these games:

The Gaslight Empire had a game where you got to play as the villains stealing one of the greatest treasures known to man. Flying Airship to Airship you worked to achieve this wealth. This game was called Skyway Robbery. 5 Criminals work to steal this gem and after they succeed the police inspector starts looking into it. He goes missing, as most do when looking into master criminals. Cue the players as you are all wanting that job. Each player is working towards the goal of capturing the biggest criminal. Bagging the baddy means that you get the special benefit of the job but watch out. Corruption lies around every corner and what does that job mean if you drop the level of the criminals?

That is Chief Inspector! You want that job, fight for it!

Thats not all though, on the other side of the world away from the gaze of the Empire criminals lay down the law. Travel to a lawless town with almost a Wild West style to it and you, the players, are fighting for control. Set in the same world, the Gaslight Empire, you fight for control of a desert town. Sadly I did not get an interview with the designer of this game. My knowledge is limited but I trust Philip who spoke positively of this game!

Game Salute has heard from me before on my review of their game “Riftwalker” and from the quality I trust in that I trust their backing of this project as well!

There is your link! Go show Game Salute and Philip our support pirates! I know Ive already backed it!


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