Kickstart Thursday: Scuttle

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* Scuttle Scuttle *

This week we give the highlight to Scuttle. Now what is scuttle? Well Scuttle is based off of a game called Cuttle that the developer played when they were little. Blue Beard Entertainment has reworked and re themed this children game into its piratey perfection that it is! Now I might have a slight weakness for pirate based games, Hats off to Blue Beard in this case, but this game caught my eye on several levels above just being a pirate game!

The first one struck my slight gambler side of things. The decks for this game can in fact form a normal 52 card deck, meaning I can have a pirate themed deck of cards? Now thats some booty I could never pass up lads! So I went ahead and threw 14 (Well, technically 19 with S/h but you get it..) at this game and POW! I am getting it along with a bunch of extra fun stretch goals! This game is definitely going to be on my excited list till I receive it in the mail!

Aye, yes, scuttle. This game is simple to play, has tons of different endings and even more rules that could shake the game up from its base Cuttle game. OR so they say!

For now I will merely highlight them as my Kickstart of the week! Come back in November when I have this game in my hands and do a review. I might even have cameras by then!!

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