Kickstart Thursday: The Horrible Truth

Crew Kick Start Thursday

The Horrible Truth of the matter. This game is out Kickstart Thursday and they are SO close to completion! Although this game reminds me of Cards Against Humanity from what I understand it is VERY different. Designed to help you learn more about you friends and sometimes you may learn more than your bargained for.

This is a party game, which usually is not my flair, but what makes me interested in this one is the different  styles of cards. Where most games try to mimic the Truth or Dare dynamic this game seems to be ONLY truth. That being said you are forced to reveal through drawing, writing and answering questions truth about yourself. Although I personally would not enjoy games like this, my crew and family love these styles of games. (As you have heard multiple times I am a Story Junkie).

So for Kickstart Thursday I bring to you, my loyal followers, The Horrible Truth!


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