Kickstart Thursday: The Princess and the Goblin

Crew Kick Start Thursday

Based on a children story (and one of my favorite childhood movies) comes this little gem of a kick start! You run to escape the goblin kingdom where you were led by a beautiful golden thread. Saving you friend and hopefully escaping is your goal but you are lost, and so are the other players! Escape the caverns and RUN for if you are lucky you may see the light of the sun once again.

Now I love the idea of children’s stories being turned into board games, especially when they are well designed and NOT an entire rip of the movie. This could have easily been another maze game or a board game revolving around dice that is almost to close to candy land. The more unique the better and the system of tile flipping is by far a great way to demonstrate the lost behavior of our heroes without ripping another games style of play. It achieves this via hidden tiles, giving the extra level of strategy needed to confuse the other players. It looks fun, seems fun and therefore could be a great game to house on our shelf’s here on the airship.

 I look forward to the completion of this project and hope to see it fully fleshed! So go! Help fund this amazing idea for a board game! Good luck form the crew and I and to any followers out there check this one out! Definitely worth at least a look over.


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