Kickstart Thursday: What an Elegant Box!

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What an Elegant Box!

I am a major fan of boxes. Cardboard boxes, Dice boxes, Deck boxes I really love boxes! Especially the ones I can sit in although sitting in this box would be fairly hard for me. Although this makes a terrible sitting box it looks like it will make an AMAZING dice box! For its beautiful interior and customizable design this box wins Kickstarter of the Week! YAY!!

So why this box? Why this box over any other boxes? Well honestly it was their unique designs and my absolute love for red wood that drew my initial attention. See, I have a dice box. A very nice one given to me by a player but it is a very unsturdy box. These boxes boast that they can hold 100 dice! Not to mention the unique wood types that accompany it these boxes are superior to a normal box! The lids of these boxes have magnets in them to fasten them shut along with the beautiful interiors. Only sad part or me is they do not come with the pen featured in the video :c.

Anyway, these boxes are the kickstart of the week! Thank you for your time and dont forget to back them!



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