Ludus Makes Port, New Crew?

Crew Something Sunday

Captains Log – 11/15/2016

Today we made port in the small town of Deolin. A small little village with little to offer us. I have accepted to bring aboard some adventurers, land lovers they be but extra hands I require. I will be posting up profiles of the added crew to help introduce these fine lads and ladies to ya! Along with this I have revisited some past hobbies. It ain’t no ship in a bottle but it’ll do. Been paintin’ me some miniature people recently, pictures are sure to come and be put up on this blog at some point.

So as we stand now we are undermanned and scraping by with provisions. In an effort to bring about more force I will be sharing some of my secrets with ya! For starters I will be working on an attempt to recreate fantasy and sci-fi themed dishes I will scour the web for what other have made and attempt my best to either bring em to light or improve the quality of it. I should be able to post a dish every other week and hopefully attempt to recreate it the following week! Sounds tasty ya? Ill feed it to the crew and get a general opinion on exactly how well it turns out. Lets see how this one goes for me eh?

Video games are becoming a reality. I am bringing about a member who says he was doomed from the start of this journey. I told him it wont be to bad, slapped a controller into his hand and let ’em roll with it! I’m sure nothing will go wrong!

So in summary the current list of improvements this vessel are as follows:

Video Games!

Book analysis?

Mechanical engineering for games!?!!

Oh.. And some drunken monk…

Not to mention that our regular content will be resuming as well!

Now zeh podcast will be changing a bit. We will be going every other week productions. That means 2 podcasts a month from the captain! Now this also means I will be extending the length of the podcast to 2 hours instead of our normal 1 hour productions. Also, we are getting a rebranding!! Aboard The Airship Podcast is now going to be called “The Captains Table”. Now I dont want to spoil all of my exciting project but I hope this gives you a taste of what I am working at! Lets make it happen!!

Now the last big endeavor of this pirate is to travel abroad to study in Ireland! Now this is a very pricey adventure but I am willing to take you along with me! No.. Alas I am not buying you a ticket to Ireland but instead giving you the option to experience the trip through me! Every donation of $50 or more and I will buy you, the person donating of course, a souvenir from the mystic isle itself! This offer is only available if you type in “Bring Me Along Captain” in the comments section of your donation! And hey, who wouldn’t want a souvenir?

-Howl Philinish