New Series: Encountering Wednesday


It has long been discussed that if I had a character class what would it be. Would I be a Fighter? Maybe a Wizard? Year after year as my players discussed my class there was a final consensus. I am a Bard. Mediocre at everything with a  fascination of the written word. So I decided if my players think I am a bard then I should start chronicling. It shall be my quest, my privilege and my honor to write almost recaps of the adventures in my many games.

So I bring to you several starter series publishing on different days of my many adventure parties.
Wednesday: Encounter Wednesday: The many adventures of the DnD encounter group gone Rogue as they hack, slash and hug their way through module after module.

Saturday: Adventures in Eosis: Eosis is my homebrew world that has been slowly built up week after week. Although the players choose to ignore the sandbox nature of the realm they still have there own merits as they adventure forth into unknown lands. Self proclaimed Murder Hobos this shall be a chronicle of their travels!

Now in addition to these I will post bonus recaps of oneshots I run and maybe even more parties as they form. As the crew is out for the summer it will be stated that no crew participation is involved in this. These are real DNDers and how they react.. I honestly never know.

Till Saturday then my friends! May we roll high and survive!