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Game in Question: Red Dragon Inn 4

Created by: Slugfest Games

For 2-4 Players with an age recommendation of ages 13+. 30 to 60 minutes on average. One thing to remember about the Red Dragon Inn games is that they are all cross compatible. In other words you can go way above 2-4 players and yes that extends the estimated run time of the game.


At a Glance:

DND the after party! The Red Dragon Inn takes you to the taverns where adventurers rest after a long day of pillaging and exploration! Drinking and gambling all night long it eventually turns into a test of who stays sober the longest! After battling a dragon or freeing a town adventures deserve a good pint… or 20… In a game of cheating and drinking you play as an adventurer and use the tricks of your trade to stay awake and keep your money! For if you run out of gold the Winch kicks you out of the tavern and you will have to sleep in the stables that night.

Now remember laddies, we are playing the 4th of the series. The difference? Well you play as crew of The Drake who have just made port! Drinking and stealing your way through the night you must watch out as First Mate Remy is watching. Cant be that bad though as even the captain has joined into the fun! With a new “Sea Event” deck there is a whole added factor to the game! Will you be the one left after a night at the Red Dragon Inn?

4 Character Decks (Captain Whitehawk, Remy, Bryn and Tara), Sea Event Deck, Sea Event Progress Counters, Remy’s Marks, 4 Player Mats, Drink Deck, 4 Fortitude Markers (Red), 4 Alcohol Content Markers (Clear), Gold Pieces.

How to Play:

The object of this game is to keep all your Gold and stay conscious. If you run out of Gold OR pass out from the abundance of Alcohol you are out of the game!

Set up is simple starting with a shuffle of the Drink Deck and placing it where everyone can reach it. This deck is made up of all the drinks the tavern has to offer during your stay at the Inn.

Next is a shuffle of the Sea Event Deck which is placed near the Drink Deck with 2 counters on top of it. This deck is all the events that happen while at sea and make the adventure really expand. Might you encounter a squid or maybe some merfolk? All is possible in the Sea Event Deck! This is only available in the 4th installment of Red Dragon Inn

Each player is then given a Player Mat, a Character Deck and a red and clear token. Shuffle each individual Character Deck and place it one the “Deck” spot located on the Player Mat. Then each player places the red token on 20 and the clear token on 0, these represent you characters Alcohol content and Fortitude. If the two were to ever meet, or heaven forbid cross, your character passes out on the floor and you are out of the game!

Each player collects 10 gold. If a player runs out of money the wench throws you out of the tavern. You can spend the night in the stables

friend. Or in other words, you are out of the game!

Each player receives one card from the Drink deck and places it on their own respective Drink Me pile.

The turn is divided into 4 phases:

  1. Discard and Draw – This is your chance to change up your hand. During this phase you discard as many cards as you want then draw back up to full hand size.
  2.  Action – This is where you can start a round of gambling, hurt other players or manipulate the drink deck. Using cards from your own personal Character Deck you can do whatever your cards allow!
  3. Buy Drinks – Give another player a drink from the drink deck
  4. Drink – Reveal the top drink of your drink me pile. Take the effects of the drink!

That’s the basics of it. The game consists of repetitive rounds until only one player is left standing! Round after round of drinking and gambling make this game very easy to pick up and easy to share! Expansions are all compatible and the game encourages mixing and matching characters!

Captains Judgment

As always lets start with things I like:

  • Cross Compatibility: I love the games ability to cross with the other games of the series. The expansion of characters means with each addition the game is slightly different!
  • Sense of Humor: I love their sense of humor as it is clean with subtle hints to adult rated humor. Any DnD player will absolutely understand all the humor!
  • Balance: From what I can tell the Character Decks are very balance! No character over powers the entire game and each has there own gimmicks and tricks that allow for different styles of play.
  • The Drinks: I do enjoy the theme of all the drinks. They are things I could imagine in a fantasy realm and with that I adds an extra level of flair!
  • Art: I have to say that my favorite thing of all time has to be the Art of the game. The colorful characters and drinkings wouldn’t be anything without the amazing artists that worked hard to make it amazing!

And the things I didn’t like?

  • Repetition: It is repetitive by design but this is one of the greatest flaws of the game. Although this does help with replay ability, it puts a damper as to many rounds can feel exhausted rather than successful.
  • Targeting Players: It is extremely easy to single out one player. This is true in most multiplayer games but double so in Red Dragon Inn. If all opponents work together they can single out and ruin the experience of one player.
  • Storage System: The box itself seems incapable of keeping all the pieces in place. With not enough baggies for everything provided the box tends to ‘explore’ when opened and coins drop everywhere.

Captains Call:

The game gets major points for its flavor and execution but with its storage issues and targeting ability it falls out of easy favor. This game will always have a place in my heart and be considered one of my top games but for this run through I will have to give it: 5/10 Tankards of Rum!

Sense of humor and art have its merits but if the game can easily ruin the experience of other players it loses brownie points. This may fall into the type of people that are playing the game with you, and so be it, but considering that the style of game play almost encourages it makes it a rough journey for the target. Alas this is the life of elimination gaming.


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