Reviewing Reviews for Review?


Reviewing Reviews

Slowly everything is coming back into rotation. Like an abandoned starship we must turn things on one at a time, as to not blow a fuse.

So as of next week Reviews will be changing. Where in the the past I have been specifically only reviewing Board Games I will be adding Books, Video Games and Movies to the Review list! Expanding Reviews and bringing even more content to you! The few readers I have retained through the stop and go Action of ATA. I have been working diligently to adapt and grow this website so that it can become the great system I know it can.

So for today there is not review, Reviews come back into rotation next week. Funny enough I have made the decision to start reviewing things that already have reviews floating out there. from Super Nintendo games all the way to the PS4 we will be going through and making sure at at least 1 post a day is made! So I leave you with this short post today. That and the thought that Next Week we will get back into Rotation with: Lords of Waterdeep and I will be announcing the Second giveaway, rules and deadlines with it! So be watching for next weeks Reviews return!

Now before I let you go for the day I would like to share that something exciting is happening tomorrow! We will be finally publishing Encountering Wednesday! Which will be the start of a beautiful series of events! So stay tuned and be ready for the mayhem that they cause!