Role Vs. Roll! Oooo, Another Kickstart!

Kick Start Thursday

Role Vs. Roll, Kickstart Thursday

So I have talked about this one the past. I am a BIG supporter of Roleplay over Rollplay (story telling over Dice ;3). So I thought hey, with reboots and such lets give out good pal Kevin Mason over at a shout out for his kickstart!

Now it is not often I give shout outs to kickstars that are coming into their final hour but I consider this a unusual circumstance. See, I found that the PnP (Print and Play) version of his cards were not only loved by the players but consistently requested! The players found these cards as an easy way to grow the spirit of their characters. Although they were not good at the whole feedback part I could tell that they legitimately enjoyed the concept of the cards despite the limited number provided in the PnP version.

So without further ado here is our Kickstart Thursday for this week! Roll Vs. Role