Set Sail into The Unknown! Happy New Years!!!

Captains Update Crew

One year ago I would have never thought that ATA would still be around, yet here we are ready to do another major push towards progress. This time is different though. Over the last year I have attempted to do everything alone. Every post written and crafted until I ran out of information to share. I forgot one of the cardinal rules of being a captain, and that is that I need to trust my crew. So that is what I have done, I have sought out some of my most trusted friends to help me in my flight, together we can make ATA everything I wanted it to be! Everything we want it to be.

So with that this upcoming year we here at ATA have a couple new things to share. New crew means new content and maybe a couple extra fun things on the way. As of right now there will be a post every day on the site. That’s right, every day will have new content coming at you. So here is a brief glimpse at the schedule ahead!


Sunday – Captains Update

Monday – The Khajiiti Traveler

Tuesday – Private Investigator’s Report

Wednesday – The Book Keeper

Thursday – Encountering Wednesday

Friday – Kickstart, Podcasts (returning in Feb. 2017) and Game Highlights

Saturday – Twine Adventures


I put some thought into whether or not to give minor summaries with each but I think it would be more fun to wonder. The crew members have been working tirelessly hard for this launch and I am proud to host their content! Remember that all posts will be live at 12PM  Central Time on the dot and that we here at ATA welcome you aboard!

Aside from the main work there is one more thing that I have dedicated myself to. Every night I will be posting a minor blog post, nothing major just 300ish words on what I have been up to, on account of the year long blog challenge! This will keep you up to date with whats going on behind the scenes and allow me the chance of sharing some of my odd encounters with you! These are separate from out main content and will remain as such!

With that information I wish all of you a Happy New Year and a welcome you back to Aboard the Airship! :3



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