Tell me a Story

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Before I start talking about gaming in this series I think everyone needs to understand what I think about games. Simply put Story will always have Priority. Many DMs agree with me on this but how they all implement is is a little different. For me if there is no story than there is no point. There are some exceptions to this of course, for example if you simply wanted to run Mechanics against Mechanics I can easily understand that. The issue is if that is pushed to be the long term goal.

The idea of story telling has been in mankind’s history forever. Even back in the ancient times of the cavemen there were story tellers who would carve the tales of their people into the walls. Where now the story is lost in time the power behind it has been passed along to even modern day storytellers. I see this as what we all do. DMs, Players, Game Designers, Writers, Movie Directors all tell a story. With every story told a piece of us continues on with the people who heard it.

I feel this applies even to prewritten modules. Every DM will run the module different, which means every DM will tell a different story. I used to be concerned about this when running modules. The idea that twists and turns would be ruined if a player has already experienced the adventure. I slowly began to realize, via recounting of the tale from my players, that although the template remained the same the story shifted. It grew and developed at every turn into something unique.

This series that has taken over Monday will not be the same regurgitation of ideas that “DM and Player Help” always spits up. No, I will be focusing only on the story telling aspect of gaming as a whole. The development of a story and the value of what we, as story tellers, have created. I will began every article with a thought and end it with a question. I want this to be a discussion, a floor to voice multiple opinions as to what you think.

So I implore you, the reader, to give me thoughts and I will continue the discussion from there. So this week my question is simple. What is your favorite Story? What story will you hold on to forever? This is not strictly DND but could be a book, a movie or even a video game. It could be as extravagant or humble as you imagine because I can never fathom the value it holds to you. I will share my story at the beginning of next week where I hope to continue this discussion.