The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Contest Highlight!

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Contest Highlight!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

So while scrolling through my twitter feed (As I am one to do) I ran into a interesting Contest. Now normally I review board games, and I was planning on expanding my review structure abit more to make room for ALL the stuff I do. So, I decided to give this contest a nice little highlight. All entry must be submitted by Sunday (I think) so go and check it out! If nothing else give it a share!

So here are the rules:

The Good The Bad The Ugly

Win free miniatures of your choice!
Just take a look at all our miniatures: choose the best and the worst for you, leave a comment under this post where you list them and say think about them.
Make your comment good, funny, ironic and astonishing – We will choose those comments that will be simply the best.
But that is not all!! Number of prices depends on number of comments: if we get more than 100 comments all winners will receive not one but two miniatures, when we reach 200 or more comments all winners will receive three miniature of their choice.

What do you need to do:
1. Comment on this post.
2. In comment you need to vote for the best and the worst miniature and say why you think so.
4. Ensure you liked our page.
5. Optionally spread info about this contest.

On Sunday evening we will choose two best comments – their authors will receive free miniatures!
Also we will pick a two random comment from others – their authors also receive chosen miniatures.

– Comments have to be posted under this information.
– Contest ends on Sunday, 20:00 CET
– Each of winners of this contest will receive one or more miniatures from Siren Miniatures’ line.
– There will be four winners – two will be chosen by Siren Miniatures owners, two will be pick randomly from all commenting people.
– Each winner will receive:
– One miniature if number of comments will not exceed 100
– Two miniatures if number of comments exceed 100
– Three miniatures if number of comment exceed 200
– After contest end, on monday 27. June Siren Miniature will post information with contest summary and list winners.
– Winners will be contacted through Facebook post and/or messages to establish details of delivery of their prizes.
– Prizes will be sent no later than in the first week of August. A winner has to
– Contest is run by Siren Miniatures only. Facebook has no connection or involvement in this contest.

Now this contest is the property of Siren Miniatures! I have no connections and consider this post more or less a friendly promotion.

And here was my input for the contest:

This is.. Difficult to say the least. For me to just select what I think is the Best and what I think is the Worst is unexpectedly hard. Coming from a reviewer standpoint, they all look gorgeous and I would be lucky to own any of them! That being said for the sake of the contest I must select two, so here I go in my selection of Best and Worst.

Worst: For the worst, after flipping through them all multiple times, I will have to select Hatall. The main reason is the structure of the model. The way he is stretching over the base would make it troublesome for storage and the brittle (but amazing) additions would make keeping him whole a tricky task and for my purposes unusable. To go into less structure and more abstract reasoning though I must say I do not like his sword. Something about it unsettles my inner DM about the way he is holding the sword, not to mention the shape of it. The shaft of the blade should not be as thick as it is for a Hilt of that size. Simple as that. Although I can imagine that it is like that to make it less breakable, which is a constant annoyance with miniatures with swords. If I was to make another complaint, and I am awfully good at complaining, I do not like that he is supported on only one foot. Again this would result in him breaking far to easily for my liking.

Now after tearing int Hatall abit, which he still has some good points as well but from what I understood you only wanted the bad, I need to move into what I think is by far the best of this selection of miniatures.

Best: So after flipping through them afew more times I came up with 3 that I absolutely love. The only one I am going to talk about though and proclaim as my personal Favorite and Best of the collection is Greid. Now it may be inner villain coming out but the idea of him as a Minion to a boss, think of him like a sub-boss, is amazing. The smile that is cracked into his mask makes him look like he enjoys his job immensely. Not to mention how stable his miniature is. There are some breakable points on him but he looks like he would take a tumble and survive. Securely connected to the base I would definitely say my players would have a hard time breaking him. Now I am not familiar with the lore of your world and in the past I believe I have browsed you before in miniature shopping but on Greid’s back I do believe those are cannons? That just shouts badass at me, launching cannons into combat as he charges two swords. I could see this small creature (assuming Dwarf by the muscles) charging into combat with his blades. He looks like he has a debt to settle and that makes him place into the best category. I just can not resist a Miniature that looks like it has a story. Doesn’t matter if it does or doesn’t if it just seeping with story telling potential I can not help but place it into the Best category.

I could go on for awhile (my inner reviewer not really letting me stop to easily) but I think I have said enough! Hope this opinion helps a bit and good luck everyone!

For more information please click the link below!

This contest is property of Siren Miniatures! Submit all reviews to THEM not me as this is their project!